Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mr. Versatile

I am making an effort to use some of my "purchases" that sit neglected. 
I decided I HAD to make something using one of the two tag punches. 

THIS is what I came up with.....

Mr. Versatile

Why that name?
Because he can also look like this
or even this

(in case you need to scrap the robber on the bank surveillance tape)

Pick a topping and make your man!

Head - wide oval
Chin - small tag punch
Nose - 3/4 circle trimmed
Moustache - curly label next to curly label hole at shorter end
Sunglasses - butterfly (just bottom half)
Sunglasses ear pieces - cut word window in half (hot dog style) - use the ends
Add some highlights with while gel pen

Hair - oval cut like grass
Baseball cap - 1.75 circle cut a little off from half - big piece cap, small piece brim


slbt17 said...

you are amazing!
Sandra ltb

KellyS said...

I was just forwarded to your blog by SCSer pidgesmom ( for your pooh punch. Goodness girl, you are amazing with punches! I plan on coming back to check out more of your site. BTW I ADORE your tigger punchie!

Ellen Kemper said...

Kelly, I'm glad you like my punch stuff and yes, Tigger is one of my favorites too. I gave him away within just a day or two of making him - so I had to make him again just cause he was so cute.

Kristine said...

I should remember never to be drinking anything while reading your blog---my computer keyboard is tired of being spewed on but now I am prepared in case of need for a bank roober surveillance guy!

Amy Watson said...

His face looks like something I would expect to be sitting on a muscular body (weight builder) or even on a motorcycle. Well done, I like him!

Inks4fun said...

So Tom Selleck like, he is a great start for some great things in the future, can't wait to see what you do with him.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

he is great! somehow I saw Abe Lincoln in him, too, with a beard, of course. lol. have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Ellen, I have been visiting your blog regularly for quite a while now and just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your creativity and sense of humor. You are amazing and I wish I lived closer so I could try and force you to be my friend. Keep your wonderful sense of humor and don't worry about the small mindedness that sometimes surrounds you. Just know that you are now officially my "best imaginary friend".

Thanks for being you,

Brenda said...

mr. versatile is just wonderful! i may just need to case him one day! thanks for always inspiring me to pull out my punches! you never cease to amaze me! happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful talents. I adore your art and your sense of humor.
Nancy K in WI

Vivace Grant said...

YOU ARE SO TALENTED! I love, love, love your work. Keep it coming!!

A Touch of SOL said...

Hola Amiga...I see you are still up to your AWESOME SKILLS! Miss you!

Ellen Kemper said...

OOPS - I hit delete when I meant to hit publish - a little slip of the mouse.

Jamey from New Zealand commented "Interestingly enough, I do have some pages to scrap from a bank robbery I was in, when I was a bank teller - all the newspaper clippings etc - so Mr Versatile will come in handy!

I LOVE hearing that you gals can actually USE some of the stranger things that come out of this blog.
And Jamey, I hope they caught your crook!

Patrice H said...

He is adorable. I like them all!
Cleaning come over to my house will you please!