Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby Steps

It really has been a loooooooooooong time since I punched.  I actually had to open a drawer and hunt for mini glue dots for assembly.  (I have plenty, they had just shifted to the back)

With the Inspiration Fairy MIA, (my MDS obsession must have hurt her terribly - but I LOVE me some MDS)  I will just have to start again with baby steps... baby steps back towards punching.

I saw some really cute stamps on a blog that I am FORBIDDEN to link you to because they sell competing product (GASP!)   but a cute stamp by a company that is NOT SU (GASP! again) is my inspiration for this start:

1 3/8 circle  - HEAD

word window on edge of paper to make a narrow strip - NECK

scallop oval punched next to scallop oval hole (and shifted so one end is narrower than the other) to make 4 locks of -HAIR

simple simple simple drawn on - FACE

now I just have to decide how to dress her?  Baker?  Princess?  Party Girl?

Tune in later for the results show...

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