Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I wish I knew these people

I am working on my husband's family - heritage type album, so don't expect a lot of out of me over the next couple of weeks.  We also have a graduation and a birthday and a vacation.  I may pop in with a random story or two but you punch art fans better look elsewhere because the Fairy is still MIA.

As I said, I am deep in the Kemper Family past and gosh, I wish I knew some of these people...

I'm not really into the whole genealogy thing -- birth, death and marriage dates are necessary but what I'm loving is finding little tidbits out from their lives - which isn't easy unless you get lucky and someone saved a diary or a letter or two (obits only tell so much)

Found a great great Aunt (her father fought in the civil war) and have a copy of a letter she wrote in 1936 (just a few year before her death).  It includes stories from her childhood - stories of her dad - prices and weird items she found in his store records and she ended it like this:

This is a terribly written excuse for a letter but I doubt if I would do any better if I tore it up and wrote another so read what you can and guess at the rest and write to me sometime but don’t spell all the words right or make the letters too near perfect for it might discourage me from ever trying.  Love to all, Cora

Doesn't she sound like someone I'd like to have known?


RedGem said...

Still will visit... love to hear what you're up to! And a wonderful opportunity to see your previous creations. Everytime I visit I see some new items I must have missed the first time you presented them. Tks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

love the letter -- what a treasure