Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Never Give Up!

Never Give Up!

This post title could be talking about the Mavs - Thunder playoff game last night, where the Mavs were down 15 points with less than 5 minutes to play and came back to win by 7 points in overtime... but it's not.   (GO MAVS!)

Never Give Up, in this case, refers to talented crafter Barbara Diane, who also happens to be a faithful Blink Blog reader and commenter.  She has not given up asking me to punch Snow White since I did the 7 Dwarfs.  I kept putting her off.  I tried referring her to this beautiful Snow White but she wanted one in "my" style.

Famous characters are hard because they have to be "just right" since everyone knows what they are supposed to look like.  Famous PRETTY characters are even HARDER because those attractive faces aren't exactly your basic punch shapes.  But Barbara Diane, for YOU,  DEAR YOU, I have attempted Snow White.

I picked this pose because my vision of her is standing in the forest singing to all the woodland creatures with birds landing on her outstretched arms.  Too many years since I watched the movie, but that is what I remember.

Face  - 1 inch circle - trimmed in slightly on one side (for cheek bone)
Hair - 1.25 inch circle and 1/2 inch circle
Bangs - 1/2 inch circle cut in half - cut edges are hidden under the headband
Headband - 1 inch circle near same hole, top of small heart for bow (middle drawn with marker)
Face - drawn on (don't laugh at my attempt)
Neck - word window
Collar - 1 3/8 inch circle - trimmed
Chest - medium oval
Bodice - Owl punch (yes, you read that right) - insert head end into bottom of the ornament punch to get pointed part at the waist - repunch foot end with 1 inch circle to get curved neckline
Strip on bodice - word window at edge of paper (super thin) - didn't attempt to adhere to front - wrapped the strip around the bodice and attached in the back
Skirt - wide oval
Sleeves - large oval, both ends repunched with 3/4 inch circle, then throw away bits of the brand new Blossoms Bouquet Triple Layer Punch (in Summer Mini) in red
Arms - wide heart to heart next to same hole
Hands - small heart to heart trimmed down on the thumb side


Migdalia said...

Beautiful! I, too, LOVE your style!

Cindi M said...


You have definitely outdone yourself on this one. While I am glad you are enjoying MDS I am SOoooo glad that you are punching again. Thanks!!!


Veronica said...

Well done, Ellen!

Camille said...

You. Are. Amazing! I LOVE checking out your blog to see what will make my jaw drop each time.

Whimcees said...


I can't believe you made her! A day that I was not able to be on the computer and there she is! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE HER! Thank you so much for creating the Snow White for me - I am so excited!

She is exactly right to join the Seven Dwarfs and in YOUR style! Perfection! At long last - she is here! Thank you Ellen! :<)

A BIG hug and wishing you a happy day! You have made me VERY happy! Thank you!

Barbara Diane

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE AMAZING so happy I found your blog Thanks for sharing all your talent

Mary Decker said...

You are a genius!