Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Most Requested Punch Art

I continue to get frequent requests to finish the tutorials for the 7 Dwarfs.

I don't wanna.

The fun for me in all this is the creating not the explaining.

I have showed you Sneezy, Doc and Grumpy so I won't do separate posts for the other 4 dwarfs (boring) but I will give you some tips so you can go it on your own from the photo.

Happy is similar to Doc
leave off the glasses
add tiny scraps of white for eyebrows instead of pen marks
draw open happy mouth
eyes are pieces of big heart from Heart to Heart punch - snip off to get shape AND you will have to slim them down - making them more narrow - blacks of the eyes are just drawn on with pen/marker

Bashful is similar to Happy (above)
Beard is the same scallop oval but you don't need to trim it - just turn it lengthwise
Eyes should be trimmed even more narrow than Happy and add eyelashes, pen/marker eyebrows and mouth
I also flattened out the top of his nose with scissors

Sleepy has Sneezy's hat but the face is like Bashful (above)
except I flattened the bottom (instead of the top) of the nose
Make the eyes from blush blossom. His eyes do not have to be narrow like Bashful
add pen marks at the bottom of eyes and draw mouth
his eyebrows are slivers punched with a standard hole punch around a standard size hole.

Sneezy style hat but point the oval up
No beard
wing from Two Step Bird for his ears
blue eyes
black pen work was too stark with those eyes so I think I just grabbed a caramel marker

You should also check out Glenda Mollets' blog HERE and scroll down - she put all my dwarfs on cards but she also added some of their bodies.  Really Cute!  She did a fabulous job.


Whimcees said...


These continue to be my all time favorites! You were inspired when you created them! Love them!

Also continue to ask - will there be a Snow White? :<)

Wishing you a Hi Ho happy day!

Barbara Diane

Created by Kath said...

My son works at a Boy Scout camp and one of the directors there did an internship at Disney over the winter and loves all things Disney. My son was wishing I could make a birthday card that was disney for him to give the guy. I'll have to show him these. TFS.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

well, we don't mind if you don't, lol. We will still love you.


Cahos' Chaos said...

I am amazed at what you can do with punches. AWESOME and thank you for sharing. God Bless.

slbt17 said...

Thank you sooo much - this is wonderful - I have lots of nieces and nephews in college and they will get a kick out of these characters!

Az Scrappin Sisters said...

So darn cute!!! Creative.