Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jolly ol' St. Nick-a-mouse

Last mouse for the week is Jolly ol' St. Nickamouse.  You can put a Santa Hat on just about any critter and make it "christmasy"!

I thought he really should be drinking milk and eating cookies but I suspect that would be too much like the "Give a Mouse a Cookie" book that several of you have already mentioned regarding this mouse.  He got a candy cane instead.

Still no word on my laptop being shipped.  I was on hold for ONE HOUR and never got them to answer the phone due to "high call volume".  Maybe if they shipped the computers people would quit calling?  More than a tad frustrated here.  I am definitely not feeling "jolly" towards the Toshiba Repair Depot.  Anybody in Kentucky want to swing by, pick up my laptop and ship it to me?


Anne said...

He's adorable, of course. Love the milk and candy cane!

Susanne said...

I love your punch creations - they are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Lovely greetings from Germany

Robbe said...

Another cutie Ellen!
Sorry to hear about your laptop dilemma. :o( Hope they ship fast!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Well, my dear, that just plain sucks! I know how it is to be without the computer, but you would think it would be back home by now. However, your little mouse is adorable. I love the Santa hat.
Hope your day goes great!