Monday, November 30, 2009

Santa Series Number 11 - Skinny Santa...

Yes, we are back to the blog... Me and Santa.  But first some personal blather....(or skip it and jump down to the photo)

The Thanksgiving lasagna was grand - all tummys were full - the clean up was a breeze and no one was exhausted from cooking for two days.  For this and much more, I am thankful!

Now we dash off to the next holiday.  The tree is up.  Most of  the decorations are out.  The annual card photo is taken, agreed on and printed.  The 80 something cards I mail each year are in process (ran out of ribbon, had to place an order).

Had a fun time with college girl home.  We saw Blind Side (fabulous).  We watched numerous movies at home.  Some (not enough) homework was done. We went to see our high school football team WIN their 3rd playoff game (45 to 21) so we are moving on to Finals.  It was a fabulous long weekend!

Now, on to why you came here...  I do have another Santa for you.  This is my 100th post on the blog and this is Santa if he lost 100 lbs.   Unrealistic for the typical American Santa, but if you want more of the "Father Christmas" look, this might help you out.

Mustache is 1/2 of a butterfly.  Nose and hat and mustache are popped up on dimensionals. Hat brim was double punched in word window to shorten it.  You should be able to see the rest.  This one is simple enough that you could mass produce them.  The other Santas I have shown you were a little too time consuming to make very many.  I'm working on those 80 cards so easy, mass-production is on my mind this week.

I put him on a tag - fortunately the back side of this paper is very light so the "To: & From:" can just be written there.  Unfortunately the back side has words on it and I ran this through the Big Shot with the Two Tags die upside down. 

Lesson learned and I will just cover it up by layering the tag on something bigger.

I also plan to use him on a scrapbook page.  My plan uses this face - a word window body - lines drawn for very skinny arms and legs and punch his usual boots.  I think it will look fun - I'll show you if/when I get it done.

I just reread this for "proofing" purposes and realized that I have been really chatty lately.  I'll try to keep it down to business for a few days (if I can!)


Robbe said...

You're never too chatty! I love your blurbs...always interesting and they always give me a smile and a chuckle!
I loveeeeee this Santa. Perfect timing I just bought the Two Tags die and have been itchin' to try it excuse now. :o)
Glad to hear you had an awesome Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

I love the chat...please don't stop...I love being able to sit with a cup of tea admire your latest gem and hear how it all came to fruition..


Dorene said...

Love your chat...just keep doing what you do...thats why we peek in every glad you really enjoyed your Thanksgiving time with your family

lifesabeach32940 said...

Ellen ~

I stop by your blog every to read your chat and see your projects!! I enjoy them both ... please don't stop chatting!! Your Skinny Santa is very cute and works very well on the tag!! Another AWESOME project!!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Ok, if you stop chatting, I will be on a plane to Texas to see if you are ok. That would truly worry me. We don't chat often enough as it is, I make up for it by reading your blog everyday.

Glad Thanksgiving came off without a hitch and you had a wonderful time with the girls (and the hubby, too, of course).

This Santa is fabulous! I may have to use him for a class, the ladies will love him. Thanks for making him, the others are cute, too, but my ladies would be overwhelmed, and I would have to do all their Santa's, so this one will be great.


Cathie Rigby said...

So clever! Love your talent and imagination. TFS Cathie