Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Go Bananas

Years ago for Valentines I gave hubby a stuffed gorilla that said "I go bananas over you" when you squeezed his hand.  You know, one of those drug store Valentine aisle gifts - (What do you give a man for Valentines?)

Anyway, I borrowed that "inspiring" phrase for this layout that will have pictures of hubby on it.  Bananas are leaves from the leaves 2 die, slimmed down a little with handy dandy scissors.

But I'm not going bananas right now - I'm going nuts trying to keep up the blog on this dinosaur computer.  (Hmmmm... maybe I should be working on a squirrel?)

Laptop is repaired (according to the website) and now I just have to wait for them to ship my precious home.  I have a whole series of Christmas ideas coming up - but not until I get the laptop.

I put the little poll in the sidebar to see if y'all would be interested in buying a tutorial for the Christmas series and so far it is looking like "no" - Woohoo! works for me - I hate writing tutorials. 


Gaby said...

How cool is that?
You are a real genius.

I hope you get your laptop reaaaaaly quick, so we get to see your christmas projects.

Have a nice weekend!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

I just have one question. Are these the dreaded blue butted monkeys that create so much havoc? If so, I won't be making any, LOL.

Love 'em Clem, you continue to amaze me.

But seriously, do they have blue butts?


Ellen Kemper said...

There were no blue scraps of paper on my desk so while I'm not lifting the monkeys off the layout to verify, I will say with confidence there are no blue posterior parts are these two swinging fellows.

CarrieNixon said...

You're by far the most creative person I know! Or read about..... I LOVE your ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!