Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Perfect Chemistry

Albert Micestein

I read a great biography on Albert Einstein this past year and I know he was a physicist and did most of his experimenting in his head so a bubbly test tube is NOT the right prop for him.  But using artistic license and considering that this is Micestein not Einstein, I decided to do it anyway.  Test tubes are much easier to make with punches than what Einstein actually did.

And why would you want to make this?
a) just 'cause it is cute
b) as an anniversary card for a friend commenting on the couple's perfect chemistry
c) to scrap about your high schooler's tough course load
d) to use on a scrapbook page for a child that likes to experiment (Mom used to let me stand at the sink and mix stuff, usually baking stuff in a bowl.  I loved the freedom to combine different products while she loved just running the mess down the sink for easy clean up)
e) all of the above

No grading on this test.  But to get an A+ leave a comment on someone's blog today.  Remember, Bloggers love feedback!


Carolyn Sharkas said...

Albert Micestein? HaHaHaHaHa, that's hilarious! He is cute, though, much cuter than his human counterpart. Love the test tube, too.
I think everyone need an Albert Micestein card. I could think of several sentiments to go with him.
Thanks again for the inspiration, and the laugh.

Robbe said...

LOL..he's great Ellen. I have still to finsh Grad pages for 2 of my kidlets...I think he might work on some of them...whatcha think?

Laura said...

Wonderful mouse!! I would love to know the details on how you made the test tube. I can see some halloween application for next year!


Ellen Kemper said...

Laura - it is just a word window punch and a slot punch (both Stampin' UP) out of vellum. Easy Peasy!

Anonymous said...

So cute. You are so much fun. Thanks again. Jeanie Young

Anne said...

You have outdone yourself this time! Incredible! Keep up the fun!

Anonymous said...

too stinking cute :)

RuthieB said...

OMG!!! This one is so cute! I showed my husband and he was amazed!!! (And it takes a lot to amaze him!)

Adriana B said...

So fun! TFS

Tasha Hickert said...

I had a customer at a craft fair recommend your site! What fun, fun things you have. And your posts are fun to read as well. Glad I stopped by. :)