Thursday, November 5, 2009

Recipe Swap Part 4

Now I get to share what my fabulous upline and sidelines created for our meeting/recipe swap! And so in alphabetical order I give you....

Becky Adams

Don't you love this?  Becky got this idea from this invitation on Splitcoast.  And the recipe was from a column in Creating Keepsakes magazine.  Miss Lazy Cook (me) had already spied this easy recipe and dog eared the page but now I don't have to even write it down since Becky made this darling recipe card!

Next comes our best group cook...

Eileen Flannery

Eileen hasn't been with SU as long as the rest of us and she has an EXTENSIVE collection of  "other" product so we give her extra room to use all her toys on our swaps.  She paper pieced this darling apron. I think it is fabulous.  Her recipe was so long she put the directions on the back (clever huh?)

She had brought these oatmeal cookies to our September meeting so I can personally vouch for this recipe. The title is accurate.  OH YUM!  I kinda sorta cheated on the diet that night (and every night Eileen brings dessert).

And last but certainly not least is the swap from my upline, Jenifer...

Jenifer Lange

OH SO CUTE!  They just love it when they out punch me!  Isn't he awesome?  I checked, she just drew the lines on his hat but I'm thinking that Bride paper might work too.  I don't have any so I can't say for sure.

Here is a close up so you can see this good lookin' hunk of chef (any man that can cook is a hunk in my eyes)

It was a fabulous swap!  We decided we will definitely swap recipes again and of course I'll share them with all of you.


Robbe VK said...

O M G....These are perfect Ellen. Now I know I have to get the Compliments to the Chef stamp set...I have been 'eye-ballin' it for awhile, no excuse
I take it the plate is an inked circle within the larger circle? OOOO I hope I have some free time this weekend. I could have so much fun with these!!
Thanks for showing us these cute little works of art!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

These are great! And the recipes sound good, too. If I ever get skinny, I would like to try those
oatmeal cookies, for sure. Love the chef, I have a really cute one you made on my recipe thingy (technical term). This guy is different. Love the mustache. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon Field / Inky A*Muse-ment said...

Gosh, I absolutely LOVE that chef... too darn cute! Looks like you had some very talented recipe swappers!

Jessie said...

Love the chef, what fab recipe cards :)