Thursday, November 19, 2009

Santa Series Number 4 - Workshop Santa

Today we are leaving the traditional Santa poses because as you know, Santa's work is not just riding in parades, squeezing down chimneys or delivering gifts using magic keys.  He has to help the elves if all those toys are going to get finished. Here he is... Workshop Santa

Back to showing his balding head and I changed his eyebrows (but you have seen these brows before on the pointy chin clown.)

How about those denim coveralls?  Pretty nifty huh?  That is faux denim.  SO EASY!  Bashful blue cardstock then just rub your night of navy ink pad all over it.  Back and forth.  Up and Down.  I would faux my paper then punch instead of trying to do faux denim on a tiny little punch piece.

You have seen all the basic Santa pieces before.

The paint coming out of the can was free hand.

I had originally given Workshop Santa a saw but I thought it looked a little menacing...

And here he is with no props...

If this isn't "Santa" enough for you - just add back his hat.  Or if you can't use this character as Workshop Santa you might need a farmer or a handy man character someday.  And the faux denim comes in handy a lot!  Have fun with him.


CarrieNixon said...

Love the eyebrows and the denim!!!!!!!!!! And the saw! :) This is the first thing I check when I log in in the mornings... thanks so much for starting my day off on a creative note. :)

mary p said...

Soooooo .... glad your blog was discovered. What a joy to see your creativity. A wonderful spark of sunshine added to the day. Thank you for sharing.

maurita said...

what a great laugh to start the day with!!! a menacing santa!! loved it!! haha the whole santa is so very cute!! you have done well!!! keep up the good work!

Robbe said...

Good morning Ellen. Another wonderful Santa. ...I think I will change his hair,brows and whiskers to black and use him, with his saw and paint can, on a scrapbook page of my hubby. :o)
So cute! Thanks again.
One of your many 'groupies',

LeeAnn Greff said...

Okay; I am flabbergasted by your awesome punch art!
I like to call what I do punch art, but yours are just amazing!
Love your blog by the way! And I am so glad I found it.

lifesabeach32940 said...

OMG!! He is too, too cute!! I'm hoping he works well together with your pointy chin elf ... I think they'd make a GREAT Christmas page!! :)

You are AWESOME!!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

I think you should give him some menacing eyebrows and a chainsaw! HaHaHa! I'm sorry, that isn't very "Santa" like, lol. Would be funny, though.

I remember when you taught the faux denim technique on VC. I still have that project and use this technique often. It's a really great look.

Thanks for today's laugh :o)


Anonymous said...

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