Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hitting a Brick Wall

I am hitting a brick wall on the last couple of scrapbook pages I'm designing for next fall's workshop so it is time to set them aside and try again in a week or two. 

That means I need a couple of days to document what I have decided on and get my mess cleaned up. (Hubby will do a happy dance!) 

THEN, I will hopefully get some punching done for y'all.  The ideas are piling up and they need to be played with!

But speaking of brick walls.... Clare of Crafty Cow Creations had her Clever Cap on and used some left over rubber to make her own brick wall.  No, it isn't punch art but it is AWESOME outside the box thinking and you should take a peek RIGHT HERE  then check out her Mum and Daughter 'cause that is punch art!

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Unknown said...

omg ellen!! i just came to see how my blog is going and there are like a zillion people looking at it thanks to you lol. mwah and thank you-wish i could send you a ladder to get over your wall but i am sure youwill find ti once you tidy up :> take care xxxx clare