Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm thinking SPRING

It is SPRING in North Texas.  Maybe not by the calendar yet - but the trees are budding and the weeds are growing and hubby is talking about new golf clubs so I felt the need to punch something outdoorsy...

Doesn't that just make you want to take a ride around the block? 

Yeah, well, go out in the garage and dust off your bike and if you find that the tires are flat and the pump is hidden and you don't have a cute little bike basket, I suggest you will just say "forget it" and go inside and blog surf a few hours....or maybe play with your punches....

Here's the how to:

Tires – 1 ¾ circle around 1 3/8 circle hole

Tire centers – ½ inch circle and itty bitty punch pack circle

Tire "fender" – 1 ¾ circle next to same size hole, offset slightly   (is fender the right term?  car tires are covered by the fender....  sometimes I feel so ignorant!)

All the straight bars are word window punched slightly in from edge of paper

Main curved bar - 3 inch circle (non SU) around 2 ½ inch hole

Curved bar under basket and both handle bars are same as tires

Seat – small oval offset from edge of paper

Blue piece (with white on it) large oval offset from same size hole

White piece – small oval offset from same size hole

Basket – circle on edge of paper – sides trimmed at angle

Flowers – itty bitty punch pack (black centers were marker)

Handles – part of word window


Gaby said... clever. Looks really pretty.

Kathy Simpson said...

Simply stunning, it's a shame we don't have all the punches yet in the UK.
But I still have to check your blog out every day just to see what your inspiration fairy has led you to create!
Take care,
Kathy. x

slbt17 said...

you are amazing - how do you figure these things out!
Sandra ltb

Lorraine said...

This is terrifically cool. My dh and I are planning on getting bikes this spring. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Spring is sprung sorta here...can't wait for it to be real.... thanks for the bike. pansy

Anonymous said...

Grandson just learned how to ride his bike without training wheels. This will be perfect! Might have to lose the flower basket, though. Hehehe. Thanks for the inspiration. Alene

Anonymous said...

Amazing..simply amazing. I have been looking on here daily and you are so very clever! Love it all. Bcarr

Kimberly said...

This is just absolutely incredible - love it - you have an just a masterful eye for imagination and how inspiring it is to see your fascinating images come to life.

Patricia Gessner said...

Thank you Ellen, I will try this soon. Happy Monday.

valita said...

awesome punch art!! Valita