Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Running Dog

Running Dog - sounds like the name a young boy would pick for his Indian Guide name...Do they still have Indian Guides?

Well, in reality, it is the description of this:

A lot more complex than yesterday's puppy.

Here's the 411:

Body - 1.75 inch circle, curved line drawn for leg
Scruff - small oval (don't ouline ALL the say with black - leave it open and it will look more like part of the body)
Collar - medium oval, repunched with small circle itty bitty punch pack, details drawn on
Neck - word window
Head - large oval
Eyes - word window cut in half to get 2 - standard hole punch in black - add gel pen highlights
Ears and Tail - Wing from 2 step bird
Muzzle - large oval repunched to shorten with 1.75 inch circle
Nose - wide oval  medium oval (wide one would have looked ridiculous!)
Mouth - 3/4 inch oval
Tongue - narrow heart to heart - cut in half
Back Paws (that are in front) medium oval
Toes - standard hole punch
Front paws (that are underneath him) 3/4 inch circle
I added a wide oval behind the body - basically to give something to put the far right paw on.

Center paw and head are adhered on a dimensional


purplecow45 said...

He is so cute, I love coming by every day to see what surprizes you have in store for us

Marthamh2 said...

Your creativity is amazing. Thanks for all the inspiration.

slbt17 said...

wow! so cute!
Sandra ltb

Mary said...

LOVE IT!!! Too dang cute!

bethvb said...

I love this running dog and that you mention Indian Guides,just two day ago I had pulled out my brother Indian Guide photo from 1962. It was a group photo from the Winter Pow-wow at Asbury Park's Convention Hall on the Jersey shore. My father is also in the photo he was Red Fox, the Monmouth County Long House Chief.Their group won best campsite and best major crafters awards!!

Ellen Kemper said...

Awww - love the good memory!

Carolyn Gibbs said...

Seriously gorgeous doggie!