Monday, March 14, 2011

Odd trip to the store...

I'm feeling guilty for not feeding your punch fix but I have been keeping the Inspiration Fairy busy on my scrapbook workshop project and I haven't let her near the punch drawer.

But I thought I'd try something easy to ease my guilt - and it turned out even easier than I thought 'cause when I opened a file I keep of ideas... out fell 3 little projects that I had never shared - nothing exciting but maybe something you can still use

Hopefully you won't be using all three of them together!

The grocery cart was for grins - I thought I might do a random page in my BOM about grocery shopping and how I always manage to pick the NOISIEST cart in the store.  Uses photo corners - see them?

The back-side of the pig was when the owl punch came out and I didn't share it 'cause I saw where someone else had done a cuter FRONT side of a pig - and there are probably more uses for the front side.  (I prefer the inside of a pig - in long crispy strips served with eggs and toast)

The hiking boot was just me messing around - it is the full heart, trimmed, holes poked and laced with linen thread and the ribbon punch for the sole.


Jan Pippin said...

first thanks for all your sharing...

when I first looked at the picture I didn't see the hiking boot...I was thinking pig and then I thought the other was the back of a cat...I guess maybe I need to get my glasses checked because when I read your message I did see the hiking boot...thanks again for sharing

slbt17 said...

hee hee hee!
Sandra ltb