Friday, March 25, 2011

It has been 3 days

It has been three days since I've posted and usually about this time I start getting email from my online friends to make sure I'm OK.  So, to save you the typing, YES!  I'm fine.

I have been playing with stuff I can't show.  Some 'cause it is for cards I want to send and I don't want to show them before they get to the recipient.  And some because I have been having a ball playing with stuff that is not from Stampin' Up! and to show you that is a no no and I might get turned in by the SU police and be in big trouble and have to quit SU and I'm not ready for that so....  You don't get to see cute stuff.  It is a shame but "them's the rules"  or close to the rules and I'm not taking any chances.

There is more punch stuff perking in my brain.  We will have to see what bubbles out next week. 


Whimcees said...

Hi Ellen,

I am glad that you are doing well and all is OK at your house.

This SU thing is really sad. I do love their products and still use them but quit as a demonstrator because of the nonsense i.e. that I could not call Michaels by it's hame and have to say "the other store" or I couldn't send my followers to a fellow blogger who used other products They have lost so many wonderful people - who sold a lot of their product I might add.

Although the idea of the "SU police" should be funny, it isn't - with many being 'reported' and yet every day one can see many other bloggers blatantly abusing these 'rules' on their sites. I guess that is how this reporting on each other started - ironically - because of the thinking "if I can't then they shouldn't".

It is interesting to me that no one I know of who has been turned in by the 'police' has made the choice to change to stay with SU. NO ONE makes everything. The entire networking of stamping and paper projects is not built on one company.

Well I am off my soap box. It is just so sad. You take care and have a great weekend! I look forward to seeing your new "non SU" creations! The thought itself that you use these products as does everyone because they are fun and not available through SU speaks for itself.


Barbara Diane

Created by Kath said...

Just remember it is totally fine to use other products just not to advetise where you bought them(hey if someone wants it they'll figure it out for themselves) or the brand names. Not so hard to do, so I hope you wil decide to share. I love you work!

CarrieNixon said...

That drives me crazy about SU!

I want to see what you made!!!

Ellen Kemper said...

Hey girls! Let's not make a big deal of it. I knew the rules and I agreed to them. Done.

Now smile and go check another blog where there is something fabulously entertaining just waiting for you...

Kristine said...

Hi Ellen,

Any word on the book you talked about earlier this year? I most certainly want to purchase one when it comes available. Thanks again for sharing with all of us!