Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nose in a book...

I wish, I wish, I wish I could show you what I used as inspiration for today's punch art but alas, I only saved the tiny photo and I cannot read the watermark to tell you where I saw it.  Cutest stamp - a little girl sitting with her head on her arm looking at a flower.  She had tendrils of loose hair hanging down, a wreath of flowers in her hair and was barefoot - just darling.

It inspired me to punch this:

Not as feminine and lovely as the inspiration piece but way more likely to get used in my scrapbooks.

face - owl punch feet and ears cut off
nose - small circle from owl punch
hair - 1.75 circle punched near 1 inch circle hole (the 1 inch hole is the curved part near her face) then the rest of the "face edge" was trimmed by hand
bun - 1.25 inch circle
eye - drawn on - (2 curves then fill in the color part)
neck that you don't really see - word window
arms - wide heart to heart
sleeves - small oval cut in half to get 2
shirt - wide oval trimmed front, neck and bottom (so not really recognizable as an oval anymore)
underside of shirt - small oval
torso peeking out - small oval
jeans - full heart - draw lines on as shown in photo below (only I left the pocket off this time)
cuff of jeans - modern label shortened with same
belt - edge cut from 1.75 circle that had been run through square lattice embossing folder
belt loop - scrap
book - bits and pieces
shoe - medium oval on edge of paper

If you don't know how to make the "denim" paper - look HERE and scroll down a bit in the post.


Unknown said...

lol ellen. you know the first thing that came to my dh's mind when he saw this over my shoulder just now? "honey you could make one like that for our toilet but with the trousers just a little further you think if you asked her she would do one sitting on the loo?"


hope your day is as entertaining as mine

Connie B. said...

Wicked cute. What a great job of creating a sweet little girl. Love it...

CORSAI57 said...

This is so cute, great detail thank you for sharing

Whimcees said...


I think that this is my very favorite next to the wonderful dwarf series. I love this little girl.

Wishing you a great week!


Barbara Diane

Anonymous said...

Ellen, your talent just amazes me and I'm so grateful you share your fantastic creations with us. Thank you so very much!

Lyn B. said...

I absolutely love this!! You are so creative -- thanks for sharing your directions.

Laura A Simpkinson said...

You my dear have an amazing talent!! I am very impressed! Thanks for sharing your gift with us all!