Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ever try to scrapbook an event BEFORE it happens?

Have you ever tried to scrapbook an event BEFORE it happens?

I am teaching a scrapbook workshop next October for a large group of women.  There could be as many as 100 ladies.  And I'm preparing 10 pages for them to scrapbook. 

Did you do the math?  That is 1000 ways I could make them unhappy.  So Scary!

We'll be scrapping the event they are attending.  On the first day.  Before the stuff happens.


I'm so excited and just a little intimidated. 

And that is the reason there is nothing on this blog today but talk...  My thoughts are far away from my punch drawer - they are in the early 1800s in England with Jane Austen and her first novel.


Sarah Ogden said...

I am sure you will back them all 1000 times HAPPY

Unknown said...

Honey stuff them you can only make 90% happy and we are happy!

slbt17 said...

good luck!
never easy to please everyone all of the time ....
If you are happy with the class, you know others will be too, look at all of your visitors and followers!
Sandra ltb

Kathy Simpson said...

I made a wedding scrapbook for a wedding I made the stationery for. I made up the album in advance, took the pictures at the wedding and then printed/mounted them ready for the evening reception, phew!
The happy couple knew they were getting a scrapbook, but didn't understand the real meaning of scrapbooking. Boy were they surprized!
I kept it simple, using left overs from her invites etc, added a few embellishments and all that was left for her to do was the journalling. They loved it!