Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Talking Woman

I think this woman would be good for cards with snappy sassy little sayings - like the Maxine quips that are always flying around the Internet.

I may give her a beverage from Cheers to You and use a stamp I have that says "I don't exercise because it makes the ice jump right out of my glass"

I think you can see the shapes - she isn't hard - but let me tell you how to do the mouth since that is "key" to her appearance.

Small oval in pink - trimmed with a circle to get the curve on top
Top lip - very top of the small heart in heart to heart
Tongue - drawn on
Outline all these things in black

And her shoes are the narrow heart in heart to heart cut in half - trim in for the heel.

Woo Hoo - Sometime today the leadership of VC Rocks will flip the switch to open the group for this year's Virtual Celebration of Stampin' Up! and dozens of us will immediately look like this character.

Actually we have to "talk" with our fingers on the keyboard but within minutes the emails will start flying as we reconnect with each other. This group is only open from the end of April until the end of August which makes it special and something to look forward to.  I can't wait!

Let the Yakking Begin!  VC ROCKS!  We open for New Members on April 30th if you are interested.


Carrie Rhoades said...

She totally looks like she is talking on her blue tooth!

Stef H said...

oh she's fabulous! and that sentiment would be hysterical!

Cindy said...

LOVE all your punches! What about the rest of the seven dwarfs???

Carolyn Sharkas said...

She is so cool! And she can multitask, something I haven't perfected yet, lol. How DO you think of these?