Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chic Chick

No clue what I'm going to use this for but saw a picture online with a chic lady and it screamed "Punch Me" so I did.

Don't you love the pouty lips?

Dress - butterfly punch,wide oval (look at photo to see how to trim them both)
Sleeve - piece of word window
Shoulders - small oval
One Arm - oval ring from large oval around small oval
Other arm -  tip of full heart next to full heart hole
Neck - my way arrow
Head - 1 inch punch
Hair - 1.25 punches (some trimming)
Lips - standard hole punch around tip of modern label hole


Unknown said...

You continue to amaze =))))

Stampin' With Angie said...

Beautiful! Your talent awes me every time I visit your blog! Thank you for sharing your amazing skills & talent with us!!

BTW: I haven't scrapped "BARNEY ATE PATSY!" yet but with your creation, it WILL be done this week! ;o)

Ellen Kemper said...

Ok Angie - I expect to see a photo of the page when complete. (If Patsy doesn't mind you sharing)

Carol said...

Brilliant Ellen and perfect for an 18th birthday card or scrap page for school leavers ball/party

Renee Ondrajka said...

Reminds me of my mom in her younger days. Dad always says he liked her dark red lipstick. Great job once again.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

oh, she is definitely Chic! Good one, Ellen, as usual.


Patti Lee said...

This is what I looked like when I was a LOT younger,.........ha ha..made ya laugh!

A Touch of SOL said...

when I close my eyes this is what I look like va va va voom...