Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa Series Number 12 - Texas Santa

BIG thanks to those of you who commented that it is "Fine and Dandy" for me to chatter and blather.  My husband will tell you that "blather" is what I do best...

Today's Santa is the result of a suggestion from my upline when she saw all my Santas - "You need to make a Texas one".  Keep in mind that she is a very talented Red Neck who shot her first deer this past weekend (Creeps me out but I bravely looked at all her photos. She looked cute in her camouflage - I tried not to look at Bambi's mama.)

You could add a Christmas Badge

And here is a close up of the boots (from the 5 point flower punch)

This may reflect parts of Texas but we live in the Dallas Ft.Worth area which is pretty darn urban. A Santa that reflects my area would be in the 34th street suit or wearing a baseball gimme cap, jeans and a Cowboy (football team) jersey.

I realize that many of you will never have need of a Texas Santa but maybe you can alter him a bit and make him a sheriff or a cowboy for some scrapbook layout.  Or maybe you can just shake your head and hope for something better tomorrow.

I checked my email yesterday and there was one from the BEST NEIGHBOR I EVER HAD (who moved away to California) asking  Do you know how to make evaporated milk?   Now, she knows exactly what kind of cook I am, so either she sent this question to the wrong email address or it is the start of a joke.  The fact that she asked me that made me laugh hysterically so I really don't ever have to know the punch line!   I think I'll dedicate this Texas Santa to her.  Love ya Theresa!  Isn't it time for you to come HOME?

Now how would you adorn Santa to reflect your location?  I'd love to see your creations!


lifesabeach32940 said...

Ellen ~

I love your Santa!! I have no idea how I will use him, but I am going to try to recreate him, just because he is so cool!! :)

And, since I am a worse cook than you could ever be ... I have a question for ya ... Is there really such a thing as evaporated milk ... or is THAT the punch line? If it evaporates, it's no longer there, right? LOL I obviously have NO CLUE!!

Robbe said...

giggling here....yes evaporated milk does exsist.It is just plain old canned milk.lol.
I love the Texan Santa too Ellen. One might be able to make a funny Christmas card with him...hmmm.
I made a bunch of your Santa tags last night.....oooooo they turned out really cute. Thank you! :)

Carolyn Sharkas said...

These ladies are too funny! and how DOES one make evaporated milk? Who knows? Maybe Carnation, definitely not ME.

I love this Santa, too. To make a Plant City, Florida Santa, he would have to be wearing a t shirt and jeans, probably cowboy boots and driving a raised pick up truck, maybe with a dog or two in the back, lol. This is definitely redneck country!


Minerva said...

Well howdy Santa...just gotta love this one...although I can myself making him as a cowboy...

Linda Callahan said...

Every time I see a new Santa I think oh this one's the best! Love the boots........one of these days I am going to attempt one of your creations.......amazingly creative!

Mary Ferris said...

Oh my gosh - I've been having such fun following your Santa series! You amaze me how you can "see" something else in a punch and turn it into something totally out of the box. Thanks you SO much for sharing your talent!

Whimcees said...

Fantastic boots! You are one creative woman! :<)

Barbara Diane