Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chins part 5 - Bring in the clown

Oh yes, I take reader requests and suggestions  - we can't always depend on that Inspiration Fairy - she can be quite fickle.

After I posted the hobo and the leprechaun, Gaby and Carey and Carolyn and Jenifer and maybe others suggested that I bring in the clowns. (And no Jenifer, I have no plans at this time to do the 7 dwarfs)

I don't know if this is exactly what these ladies pictured but it is what came out my fingers...

All SU punches except the body - and that is about a 2.5 inch circle using the circle scissor plus.

I think you see these punches but here is the list just in case
feet - large oval
arms - small oval
cuff - scallop oval (just a tiny bit)
hands - heart to heart - trimmed
collar - scallop circle
buttons - flower trio
head - ornament punch - "handle" trimmed off
ears - word window
hair - scallop oval (punched twice to get small pieces)
eyes - heart to heart, standard hole punch
nose - 1/2 circle
white make up - heart to heart
eyebrows and smile - heart to heart

I am really proud of my eyebrows on this one  - all I did was punch the large heart from heart to heart - toss the heart, keep the hole - then punch again around the hole with the same punch just offsetting the punch to get a "sliver" at the top of the heart - turn this "sliver" upside down and tah-dah!  You have cool eyebrows!

I did the same thing using the bottom portion of the heart for his "smile" but it didn't get me as excited.

I didn't sponge or shade anything on this clown - he would be even cuter if you take the time to fancy him up a bit.  


Carolyn Sharkas said...

Perfect! Oh, and this would be a great time to tell you I'm scared of clowns, lol. Had a bad experience when I was little, yes, they had clowns back then. He's great though, and doesn't scare me at all. Only clowns in real life standing close to me creep me out these days, thank goodness that doesn't happen often. Have a great day!


Gaby said...

Oh my God, you are brilliant.
Your clown is much more, than I ever pictured.
You did a perfect job on the face. And I love all the details you thought of.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Becky said...

I love clowns!! LOL! Great Job!

Judy Rowland said...

OMG!! He has to be the cutest yet!! I think he is perfect just the way he is!! :)

Anonymous said...

You did a perfect job! He's awesome!

'Jingaling' the Clown
(aka Jenifer)

AnnMarie said...

Giggles!! You are AWESOME!!! :)

Carey said...

I absolutely love it. Ok, I know I have said that about everything I have seen but this one is especially loved.


Margaret Raburn said...

Incredible! Your clown is amazing!! Thank you for sharing your ideas so freely!