Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Definitely NOT Edward

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Ready for Punch Art?

Today, I give you a FRUSTRATED Vampire...

--- he is frustrated because his nose is soooo big,
he can't get close enough to bite any one's neck.
(grin or groan - I can't see or hear you so it won't hurt my feelings)

Parts list and tips: (you can easily give him a smaller nose if you prefer)

Head - large oval

Hair - 1 inch circle around the top of narrow heart to heart HOLE - see photo below

Nose - wing from two step bird

Mouth - end of word window

Fangs - tiny scraps

Ears - end of word window - slanted with scissors

Eyes - small heart to heart in white, a standard paper hole punch in black- gel pen highlight

Eyebrows - small heart to heart repunched next to the same hole at the top - which gives you a weird sliver to cut in half for two eyebrows that will fit exactly above the white of his eye

Neck - word window

Neck of cape - 1.75 circle repunched with smaller circles to get curves on each side (bottom)

Cape 'wing' - wide ovals repunched twice with small oval - layer and punch both 'wings' at the same time

Shirt - small oval

Collar - small heart to heart - trimmed with scissors (you are trimming from the middle of one side to the top of the next 'bump' to get this collar shape)

Pants - breast from owl (upside down)

Bow Tie - plus sign looking thing from itty bitty punch pack- cut in half

Shoes - small heart to heart - cut in half

I did his skin in blue since I am so "culturally aware" (hee hee) and read in a highly popular vampire series that vampires are cold and hard to the touch.

Why does Bella like him best if he feels like cold stone when she could have the super hot werewolf?  Please note: That was a rhetorical question - all you Edward fans need not respond. 

Of course, if  I was going to be true to that book series, I could never have given him that big honker of a nose - since all vampires are extremely attractive (this also makes casting for the movies much easier, I'm sure) ;)

This photo isn't the entire vampire, but it shows the hair piece and part of the assembly, so it might help you.
For the hair - the point goes on the front of the oval and the sideburns slide behind the oval
It just slips right on
(trust me)

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Of course you are!
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Rebecca said...

I loved it. You did a good job. I make sure I use your name for any punch art that you made. Keep up good work.

lifesabeach32940 said...

LOL!! He is FANG-tastic ... I can't hear you either, so groan as loud as you want to. :)

I'm hoping he looks more difficult than he is to put together, 'cause I want to try him. How in the HECK do you come up with these designs? I wish I had a smidgen of your talent!!


Melanie said...

Oh I just love him. I am so excited to get to try this guy. Going on vacation soon and was hoping you would give me some projects to play with. Thank you.

Holly / InkPaperStamps said...

Oh my goodness, Ellen, he's hysterical! Absolutely darling. . . .

CarrieNixon said...

Very cute! I LOVE Halloween! And I LOVE Edward! Hope some Twilight Inspiration Fairy visits you soon!!! :)

Kelli Waters said...

Oooh. So cute, Ellen! He's definitely in the CASE file!

Kim said...

great vampire! I like his huge nose, it made me laugh. TFS

Gwen Mangelson said...

this is HILARIOUS! I just love it!!
thanks for sharing and I will definately have to make one for my grandsons page this fall!!!

Whimcees said...


You are all wonderful! This blog hop is so much fun - I love seeing all of your fantastic creations! Thank you for sharing once again a great punch project! :<)

Wishing you a happy day today!

Barbara Diane

Vicki Burdick said...

so very cute, love the big nose!

Hetty said...

What a creative use of all the punches!

Tania said...

The nose is great...and ita with you re: a certain book/movie series.

Linda said...

What an adorable vampire. I love his nose. Thanks for sharing.

Carolyn Gibbs said...

Oh wow! Even though we don't "celebrate" Halloween officially here in Australia, you're inspiring me to give some Halloween punch-art a go! SO CLEVER, Ellen!

Patrice said...

As usual you are amazing Ellen! This one Counts ! :)

Queen Bea Scraps said...

Love your Halloween cards.

Just wanted to let you know I'm following you and maybe you'd like to follow me too

Way cute. You are da bomb!!! said...

You are da bomb! Love this one!

Denise Foor

Carolyn Sharkas said...

That is too funny, but Edward definitely has a smaller nose, lol.