Sunday, September 26, 2010

Punch Art Book

There are some ladies that have been asking me to do this for a long long time.

I really am working on a book of punch art.  If you are interested in it - the poll in the upper right corner of the blog is the easiest way for you to give me input to make it something useful for you.

In addition to the poll, I'd love to get your input in the comments of this post -
  • Which  past characters do you need help with?  (if any)
  • What would you like to see in the book? 
  • Are punch lists usually enough information for you or do you need pictures of the parts and the assembly?
Any other feedback, request or suggestion is welcome. 

Thanks dear punch fans!


Anonymous said...

A book with your punch art would be awesome. Would it be possible to include a couple of pages of all the punches used and a true size of each punch out ? For us poor folk living in a country where SU is not sold we have to improvise and to have the actual size & shape of each punch out would be most helpful. thanks.
Diane, South Africa

Ria Reijn said...

Hello Ellen,

I am enyou of your punchart but I need pictures of the parts and the assembly. I give you my vote for tutorials.
Thanks for this nice blog and good luck whit your book
Ria Reijn, the Netherlands

Rebecca said...

I would like to have punch art book. I rather pick my own punch art. I would like to see the book after you finish making them. You did a great job with punch job. Keep up good work.

Denise Leduc said...

Hi Ellen
I would like to see all kinds of punch art from you, I love your work and my day always starts out checking your blog first.A punch art book would be so cool and I would love it.

Melanie said...

I can usually follow your written directions and love to just look at the project to see if I can figure it out before I read the how to. I found count dracula to be tedious even after making several. There is probably an assembly trick that I haven't figured out. This would be helpful to have quick tips, such as assemble the head first and then attach. I have created my own punch book from your designs and do make notes about the fastest way to get the guys together. My book is an 8X8 and I refer to it all of the time. I love your stuff and am always amazed. Wish I could see through your eyes for just one day.

Nancy Powell said...

I think it would be helpful to have all levels of punchart in the book. By this I mean beginner, intermediate, and advanced. It really helps to see the punched pieces. Thanks for all your great work you share with us.

Shirley said...

Hi Ellen!

All I can say is I love ALL your punch art. My favorite will always be Scooby-Doo. You have a amazing talent and I wish I could have even half of your talent. I think it would be great if the book included some tips on the order in which you actually assembled some of them. It could be I'm a bit thick to not always see the easiest(or at least a time saving) way to assemble. :0)
Good luck with your book project. I look forward to purchasing one when they are available.
Thanks for such a lovely blog, I enjoy checking it out everyday to see whats new,

Ruby said...

First I want to say that I love your creations, and I have used many for cards that I send family and friends and boy I’ve gotten great comments, so tku! What I like is that you create cartoon to ‘adult-like’ characters, both of which I have used. I will look for how many punches it will use, can I use the piece as it comes out or will I have to manipulate it. I echo some of the other comments; I would like to see a ‘layout’ of the pieces as they come out of the punch and how they will be used. I create my own cheat-sheet that indicates paper color, punch and purpose of each piece. So next time when I use it again I don’t have to re-read the text, but gather the punches and the paper color and start punching. I take note of how each piece is changed as I’m ready to use it in the finished art. Guess that is what your punch art book will help me on. I think the number of punches indicates the level of difficulty. Tks again for sharing!

Michelle-a-bella said...

I love your work as well, thanks so much for SHARING!!! I find with most punch art, if you look at it you generally can figure it out what is what, but I do find it very HELPFUL when they show the pieces and what part of the project they are for and if they make dotted lines to where you are supposed to cut etc. A little more details is always better!!! Hope this helps!

lifesabeach32940 said...

OMG!! An Ellen Kemper Punch Book would be AWESOME!! I would vote for tutorials, including photos of the pieces, indications where to cut or fold, and pictures of how to assemble. A listing of the colors of both the cardstocks and any inks you use to shade the pieces would be extremely helpful!! If it sounds too overwhelming, you might want to think about producing more than one punch book and maybe including a set number in each ... You could even produce themed punch books ~ either by season (fall, winter, spring, summer) or subjects (animals, people, etc.). Whatever you end up doing, I know it will be successful!! ~ Judy

Gloria said...

Ellen, I love your work...all of them. When I see your name I click Anyway, I want one of your books when you make one and it will be great whatever you put in it. I am so glad you are going to do this.


Carolyn Sharkas said...

Ok, well, you know I am a fan, have been for years. I know that this is gonna be a success for you and you deserve it. However you do it, I'm sure it will be fine. I can usually figure things out, but sometimes I need a little nudge. Can't wait to see what you come up with.


Deanie said...

I would love it and it would have all your ideas complied and more to come in the next book...If you could only send us the pages or PDF's so that we could make the book what ever would work for you as I am sure that many poeple would love for you to share --just someting more for you to think about...That's my viewpoint on the subject...Have FUN!!

Cynthia said...

I agree with all the other wonderful comments because I too love, love, love your blog. A book of yours (Awesome)and it would be a must have for me.
I would love to see Dora and her gang, Strawberry Shortcake and her group too. My 3 year old grandaugther just love Dora so it would be fun to make her cards with Dora. Punch lists are great but pictures of the parts and assembly really help me. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful work. This is the first blog I check. Your the best.

Patrice said...

Hi Ellen, I am new to "Punch Art" and have talked to you about your creations many times. what I would love to see in your book is a list of starter punches needed and then add on punches depending on the difficulty level of each project.If you do not have a certain punch which other punch could you use instead? Then I know I have asked you before "Where do you find your inspiration and links to them" sort of thing. Also, how you come up with your facial expressions on your creations. They are so emotional/expressive and comical at times. Thanks Me Patrice your fan

Theresa Collett-Such said...

I am a library girl. I love my books, but I have no room for them. So therefore I don't buy them. I go to the library. A book of Ellen Kemper Punch Art? That I would buy! I love your creations and of course I want MORE! I think you should show the pieces and parts because you have such a unique way of being able to something in an oval that my pathetic brain does not. I need you to show me exactly how to "shape" each piece. As for character suggestions? Well, I love Star Wars and would love to see you recreate some of the crew.

Marina said...

Hi Ellen
I love your punch art I just cant get enough. I would love to buy your book !! Im from Invercargill,New Zealand and I tell all my scrapbooking friends about your fab site and wonderful creation, keep it up.
Cheers Marina