Friday, September 3, 2010

Ice Skater Boy

I guess the penguin got me on a winter theme - or maybe it is wishful thinking for cooler weather. 

Either way, today you get Ice Skater Boy (as opposed to just Skater Boy)

Yeah, I know his nose is a little funny - too much glue dot and then some overlapping of the eyes.  You can fix that when you make him.  OK?

I wanted him to be part of the BIG FOOT series but the big feet I came up with were TOO big.  Here's the proof.

Made the right decision, didn't I?

In this second picture you can see that his pants are a little odd - I use the breast from the owl punch - cut in half and overlapped them at the top so his legs could be separated to show him skating.

The smaller skate is the wide Heart to Heart for the boot and a small oval and word window for the blade.
And here is how you do that:
Punch the word window.  Punch the oval hole at the end so that you only have a blade's width of paper showing above the tip of the word window.  Then trim on each side with your scissors.


Anonymous said...

sooooooo cute, your one amazing woman!!

Ruby said...

Wow! great character and you've been very busy creating some new characters. I love the hair-cut reminds me of Moe! Tks for sharing.