Friday, September 24, 2010

Dog on a Bun

Hot Dog! 
I get excited when my punch art comes out the way I hoped.

Is "Hot Dog!" used universally for expressing positive excitement? Or is that a Texas/Southern/American thing?

If you gave this little guy a different facial expression you could use him with "Hot Dog!" but with this look on his face I thought he was more "Ruff Day"...

I tore the paper and used the SANDED background for Ruff=Rough because I was being my usual "clever" self .   (Read "clever" with a very sarcastic tone in your eyes)

Here's the details for the Dog on a Bun:

Bun - sahara sand – curly label – rounded the middle point with scissors

Mustard – more mustard (surprise!) – same as bun but use the short side of curly label punch

Body – small oval

Tail – branch from 2 step bird (or cut a thin strip)

Neck – word window – trimmed thin lengthwise

Snout – small oval – trimmed to thin one end

Nose – tip of word window – repunched with same

Teeth – retired slot punch (could just use a strip)

Mouth behind teeth - ½ of small heart

Eyes – white – small heart

Eyes – black – tiny circle from owl (or use a marker)

Eyelids – circle itty bitty punch pack cut in half

Ears – small heart – trimmed with scissors

Feet – circle from itty bitty punch pack around 2 of the bumps at end of modern label

Add tiny white highlights with gel pen on nose and eyes.

I like this much better than my first dachshund attempt - so the moral of this story is...

Keep Punching - Improvement will come!


Anonymous said...

In our part of the world we can equate to Ruff Day but a hot dog means a bread roll with a vienna sausage in it ! Great card and thanks for the instructions.
rgds, Diane, South Africa

Kim said...

Hi-larious! TFS

Ruby said...

Soooo... cute! Have a close friend that I always teases me about having a 'lap dog' and I tease her about having a 'hot dog' for a dog.. so guess what she will be getting for her next birthday. She will hate me.... hehe! looking forward to it. Tks for this creation.

Allison Okamitsu said...

Oh my gosh Ellen! This is fantastic!!!!! Congrats on winning the Disney contest by the way!

Carolyn Gibbs said...

So cute!! :) Ruff Day and Hot Dog both work for me in Aussie-land. Love him!

Pet Lover said...

Congratulations on winning the Disney Contest, Great work and innovative ideas used to make it. Kudos

Carolyn Sharkas said...

LOL! That is definitely too cute! I know a couple of people it would be perfect for, thanks for doing all the thinking for me.