Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spuds in Duds

First. look at THIS where Clare (Crafty Cow Creations, from down under) made Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.  Aren't they wonderful? (even with her ear color challenge issues) (grin)

And the always amazing and talented Lynn Pratt made some Potato Head cards early in the summer and she has her tutorial for sale.

I didn't see where Clare gave directions and I rarely purchase a tutorial so I had to make up my own spuds in duds. 

Three punchers making the same characters in three different ways will demonstrate that even though you may not own ALL the Stampin' Up! punches - you can take inspiration and use what you do own to create something fun!  OK, you might still have to buy a punch or two... that won't hurt you - they aren't THAT expensive.  And you can always come back here for other ideas to get your money's worth!

Here is my version of the Potato Heads - Spuds in Duds!

This uses the owl punch as the body (these are small - more like tater tots - but 'spuds in duds' was the better title)

I'll get a "how to'" written by tomorrow.
Have I convinced you the owl is versatile?


slbt17 said...

very cute!

Kim said...

too funny! TFS

Ann G. said...

Love them!!

Created by Kath said...

I'm making a display board with all the owl punch ideas. Some I've come up with and some others have. Can I add these?

Ellen Kemper said...

I'm ALWAYS fine with you gals using my stuff as long as you give credit. (Exception - I'm never fine with you using it for contests or publications)

SuzyQue said...

I came for the punch art. Love it.
I will more than likely stay because of the fun sense of humor and the clever blog name. Too cute for words!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Too funny! Love these little taters,
so cute! Oh, and I had a flash when I saw the lady above me's comment, thought I had already been here, lol.
Except no one knows that is my middle name, lol.