Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh you Little Devil!

On a Halloween roll this week...

Lil' Devil is loosely based on a clip-art devil I spotted.
Parts Photo - list is below

Head - owl punch with feet cut off
Cheeks - small oval
Ears - wing from two step bird
Nose - 1/2 inch circle
Eyes - narrow heart to heart in vanilla, standard hole punch in black, gel pen highlight
Beard - small heart to heart - bumps cut off (I curved my cut just a little bit, it wasn't a straight snip)
Mustache - small heart to heart - cut in half
Horns - 1/2 inch circle next to 1/2 inch circle hole
Neck - small arrow (retired) or just a thin strip of paper
Body - 3/4 inch circle
Arms - piece of an oval ring (large oval around small oval hole)
Hand - circle from itty bitty punch pack at tip of modern label
Tail - branch form two step bird - most leaves cut off, small heart to heart
Feet - small ovals - layer together - at same time punch tip with scallop oval
Pitchfork - 1/2 or less word window in black, 3/4 inch circle around 1/2 inch circle hole - snip part of the circle - add a scrap for middle tine - trim to point with scissors

Assembly Photo

The horns attach to the owl ears - so don't cut them off.
That is also why I left the end leaf on the branch - to attach the heart for his tail end.
I cut the "arm" piece in half before attaching - so one arm could turn up and one down.
Sponged real red cardstock with cherry cobbler ink
Sponged crumb cake clothing with soft suede ink
Drew on eyebrows and mouth with marker.

Simply by leaving off the facial hair and making the nose smaller you can have
Lil' Devil Baby!
I think he is so cute!
The smaller nose is one of the circles from the owl punch.


Patrice said...

This is one Hot card :) Your little Devil is adorable.

Dawn Repovg said...

Ellen you are THE punch Goddess!
You have an amazing talent!
Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Whimcees said...

They are wonderful! Your creativity is amazng! I will definitely use these characters this year! :>)

Wishing you well!

Barbara Diane

Anonymous said...

Toooooo stinkin' cute!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

the baby is kinda cute, the adult one is very devilish, lol. I like them both, though. too funny! I can see this little one on a scrapbook page.
now you just need an angel for the other shoulder.