Thursday, September 23, 2010

Suitable for "Framing"

You didn't really think you were going to get ALL PUNCH ART after a scrapping weekend, did you?

I won't make you look at ALL the 20+ layouts I finished last weekend- but I will be throwing some of them up here.

Today's "Lesson in Scrapbooking" - (said like I am some kind of expert - try not to laugh TOO hard) is...

Casing yourself.

First layout of the weekend was of my grand nephew and I thought it was precious (with a baby this cute - how could it be anything else?)

Here's a close up of the frame element
By the way, he cut his first tooth this week - right as I was making One Tooth Baby - we must have some deep connection - Mr. Darling Luke and his favorite Aunt Ellen.


 This open frame is SO EASY to make with your SU paper trimmer!

See the ruler on the metal?
See the ruler on the clear bar/arm that goes over your paper?
See the little pointy bumps on the orange blade cover?

If you can see those things you can make a frame!
(directions at end of post for the convenience of those that don't care)

I liked it so much that later the same day I repeated the frame thing in different colors for The Over Educated Waitress (formerly known as college girl - and these photos would have been during those college years)

See the texture behind this photo?  I didn't have my texture plates (can't take everything - it won't fit in the car) and the paper was too big for an embossing folder - so I pulled out my trusty crimper and ran the mat through that, turned it 90 degrees and ran it though the crimper a second time.  Great texture from a tool I sometimes forget about!

And you know I REALLY liked this frame thing because I used the same idea on this layout too...

On this one I put the frame element open AND another one around a vellum quote.  Perfect solution for adhering vellum because no matter how many adhesives I've tried - I can still see the "glue". 

This paper is the "blah" side of the Blueberry Crisp DSP in the current catalog.  I thought it was perfect for a manly page.

This close up shows the frames overlapping - I love that you can still see the darker frame through the vellum.

I happened to use a "pre-made" vellum quote I had in my stash - but you can run vellum through your printer and use any quote or use this spot for your title or journaling.

Now - for those of you who need a tutorial for the frame.

Determine your OUTSIDE measurements for your frame and cut a square or rectangle that size.
Determine how wide you want your frame to be (I think these were 3/4 inch)

Let's use 5x7 for our "sample" project and a 3/4 inch wide frame.

Seen separately you probably would never notice these are all the same idea - the subject, colors and paper changes allowed me to use the design over and over without it seeming too repetitive.


The moral of the story is:
When you create something you really like -


Elizabeth said...

So freakin' awesome! Love all the pages.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Awesome! You know I love to see your scrapbooking pages! Keep em coming, they always inspire me to scrapbook.
So glad you had a good time and got so much accomplished.