Thursday, September 2, 2010

Old Craft Project Inspiration

A million years ago, (or maybe a dozen) I did "other than paper" crafts.  Shocking, I know.

Here is one I did

It is made from the finger of a garden glove (painted), a bit of felt and ribbon, and 2 wood hearts.  Originally it was a pin, but I switched it (by putting a magnet on the back) and now he goes on my fridge at Christmas time.

I was rummaging around the other day and spotted it and of course thought - PUNCHES! 

Check it out


 SO Simple - SO Easy!

I LOVE the smile drawn on his beak!

All you need to know:
Body - wide oval
White - large oval stuck into the small heart to get indention (NOT the small Heart to Heart)
Beak - small heart  (NOT the small Heart to Heart)
Flippers - small oval (whole or cut in half)
Feet - wide heart to heart or full heart (I wish we had a size in between)

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