Monday, September 20, 2010


Christine Sowers sent a request for the character in the game "Operation" for a co-worker's card.  And here he is:
Not an exact replica but anyone who has ever played the game should get the idea.

I couldn't fit ALL the "parts" inside him.  I know I left off bread basket, tennis elbow, charlie horse and probably more.

He measures 5.25 inches tall so he will fit on a standard size card. (Barely!)

Basic body:
Body – wide oval
Arms – word window
Hands – ½ inch circle around modern label ends
Legs – modern label – trimmed to narrow at ankles and flatten on inside of legs
Feet – wide heart to heart – trimmed for toes
Neck – word window
Head – 1.25 circle
Hair – Full heart around 1 inch hole – trimmed at sideburns
Ears – wide heart to heart cut in ½ to get two
Eye white – small heart
Eye black – standard hole punch
Nose – word window repunched with same

I sponged some ink on for shading (cherry cobbler, I think)

Assembly photos:

Inside parts:

Adams apple – circle itty bitty punch back – trimmed with scissors, scrap stem
Broken heart – small heart to heart
Wishbone – small oval around word window hole – slot
Butterflies in Stomach – 2 small heart to heart – slot trimmed
Wrenched knee – circle from itty bitty punch pack around slot hole – slot
Knee bone connected to the ankle bone – small heart to heart and thin scrap
Writers cramp – slot – lead is from black marker and trimmed to point – eraser is tiny scrap

Slot punch is retired - use can substitute a tiny scrap of paper if you don't have it.


Debby said...

My brother and I used to spend hours playing this game. I remember once when the buzzer went off it scared me so bad I pulled the little cord out and ruined the game. Good thing was I got a new one the next year for Christmas. Loved this game.
angel hugs

Anonymous said...

Ellen this is perfect. I can't wait to put together for my coworker. He'll get such a kick out of it. You do absolutely fabulous work. Thank you Thank You Thank You.

Christine Sowers

Loni said...

The ever talented Ellen hard at work again! Great job!!

Holly / InkPaperStamps said...

Ellen, this post absolutely needs a spew alert--you nailed it! What a flashback. . . .

Stephanie Harbin said...

I love it!! I am on a committee at school to make cards to send those who have had surgeries and this would def. perk them up !! Thanks so much for sharing your creations.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

That is hilarious! Glad I wasn't sipping coffee! Thanks for the laugh this morning, my friend.


Michelle McClure said...

You are a genius!