Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chins part 1 - Men in Black

Yesterday as I was working on the witch, I picked up the wrong sponge to add depth on the edges of her face.  I left too dark a shadow so I set it aside - then that "oops" turned into this:

Why would you need a hobo?  Maybe that is your Halloween costume?  Maybe you have stories to scrap from the depression 1930s or recession 2008?  I don't know - but I just HAD to make him once the idea came into my head. I think my stamp area being clean may have left the Inspiration Fairy just a little disoriented.

But then, a thin guy in a suit with a pointed chin brought Conan O'Brian to mind.  I had to get him on paper so I could get him out of my brain (I'm more of a Jay Leno girl),  so I made this guy...

Why do you need a Conan?  Well, you might have gone to his show (Jenifer)  or he might be the main thing your son wanted to see when you went to New York (Jenifer) or you might have a secret crush on him (?)  or you might want to do a BOM page about your sense of humor.  My job is to follow the I-Fairy's lead, what you do with these ideas is your problem.

I will probably wind up changing him slightly and using him as my hubby - a thin man who wears a suit but different hair. (Way different)

  • Conan's hair is the curly label punch (cut) with the 1 inch punch  punched into it - near his face. 
  • Shoes are biggest heart from Heart to Heart punch (trimmed) 
  • Arms and legs are small oval hole with wide oval punched around it. 
  • Shirt collar is smallest heart in Heart to Heart punch (2).
  • Tie is the smallest arrow in My Way punch (trimmed). 
  • Body is wide oval. 

Isn't it a shame that poor Conan has to wear the same shoes as the hobo?  Maybe it is time for some shopping.

Avoid this blog for a couple of days if you don't like the pointy chin men - I have at least two more ideas coming up. Unlike these, the next two might actually be useful.  You are getting them in the order I "thunk" them up - not in order of usefulness.

Men in Black?


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Conan will be perfect for my New York scrapbook! Great idea, I'm so glad you thought of it...


Anne said...

Cute as usual!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

HaHaHaHaHa, Conan's hair is hilarious, thanks for the laugh this morning. The hobo is cute, too. Reminds me of Clem Cadiddlehopper, I KNOW you know who he is, that should definitely be in a BOM for someone.........


Margaret Raburn said...

Amazing again, Ellen! Your creations make me smile and sometimes laugh they are so clever, cute, whatever! Thanks for the chuckles today! Thanks for sharing these guys today, they're great!

Anonymous said...

OMG, Carolyn! I used to watch Clem Cadiddlehopper with my grandmother! Definitely a BOM page...Thanks, Carolyn and Ellen!

RuthieB said...

These are soooo adorable! The little hobo could also be a Chimney Sweep! Chim Chimmeny, Chim Chimeny, Chim, Chim, Cheroo!!!!!!

Mary Cavalier said...

The hobo is just what I need. My great-niece has a birthday this weekend and for some reason she is obsessed with hobos - it has been a running joke since Christmas. This will make the perfect card for her :-)

BeeJane said...

Believe it or not, I can use both of these ideas! I am Mary C's sister so the hobo works for the same great-niece. But will use it for something other than a card.

My son is Conan's biggest fan and going through withdrawals since Jay got the time slot back. Can't wait to make both of them.

Thanks for sharing!