Thursday, October 29, 2009

Filling 2 Requests

I really didn't feel like working on what I SHOULD be working on (4 swaps) so I decided to play with some of the requests I've gotten for punch creations.

First is Mrs. Frankenstein suggested by Robbe in the comments of my Frankenstein post.  She came out ummm, well,  ummmm, sorta of, ummmmm,  ... odd?

I recommend swallowing all liquids before looking....

She is a cross between Bride of Frankenstein and Boobzilla.....

Hilarious, huh? 

Obviously gravity has done it's work on her chest - this is no hot young bride for Frankie!  How sad that the butterfly punch that can do Blog Babes can also have this effect on a woman's body.

Robbe, I'm not sure you can use her, but maybe she can be a starting point for you to work from.  Small Tag punch for head and hair.  Butterfly punch for boobs and shoes.  Word window for arms and legs.  1.75 circle for belly.  Small oval for neck.  Snowflake for hands.  She was done all in white except hair, eyes and shoes.  Color is sponged on.


I got an email from Kathy Crowley.  She laid on some thick flattery so of course I jumped up and down waving my hand volunteering to try to make anything she wanted.  And what she needed was a dachshund.  I gave her a suggestion for the ears - which is what she was struggling with, so she completed her project without further help.  But since I was procrastinating anyway, I went ahead and made this.

 tiny dachshund

dachshund with a forehead

Body - word window
Head - large heart from heart to heart
Ears - large heart from heart to heart cut in half
Tail - 1 inch circle - toss the circle keep the hole - punch again around the hole getting a curved sliver
Feet - modern label cut in half - punch out the middle "bump"  on each end with a standard hole punch
Forehead (option) - 3/4 inch circle punch put behind the heart

All in Close to Cocoa sponged with Basic Gray.  Black eyes and nose from 1/16 inch punch

I couldn't decide which head I liked better - but either way, with the long body, I'm pretty confident it is recognizable.  I will probably put it in my BOM since my childhood dog was part dachshund.  And I have typed dachshund enough in this post that I think I will actually remember the correct spelling - learning to spell, another plus to blogging that I didn't expect.

OK - Now I'll get back to my swap chores - love designing them but hate making multiples.  Why do I keep signing up for these?  Oh yeah, it is because I love getting back all the cool ideas.


Carolyn Sharkas said...

HaHaHaHaHa, Frankie's bride is awesome. Looks like me on a bad morning, ROFLMAO! And I love the little weiner dog! You are on a roll today with these fabulous projects. Now, go make those swaps and make mine, too, cuz I haven't
started them yet. Holy crap! Have a
great day!



Robbe VK said...

LOL....Ellen 'Boobzilla' ....I love it! She is perfect. Thank you so much for creating have the Mad Scientist touch! :o)
Your little dachshund is great too. He will come in handy too.
Have a swell day Ellen and thanks again.

Anonymous said...

When I first saw Boobzilla, I first thought I would see a tired mom with her hair in curlers and a housecoat! (Okay, so the boobs gave it away...that's how I look in the morning!) Haha

You did good. As for 'daschy', he's a cutie too. The question is...just how many breeds of dogs can you do?? :)


Anonymous said...

I am still laughing! Love Boobzilla. The Dachshund is something I will make for my Mom. She and I both had doxies for years. He is so cute. You are the Queen of all punchers!!Thanks for sharing. I am nuts about punch art.
Jeanie Young

Carey said...

Are you doing dogs now? How about a Roscoe (see pic) and make sure he is eating a card for a swap that you have slaved on forever. Seriously, I really look forward to seeing what you created for the day. You are one of the most imaginative people I know. Yes, I know this is also blatant flattery but it is definitely warranted.

aka Roscoe's mommy

Bandon, Oregon said...

Oh my Goodness... I have died and gone to Heaven (thank you God) The little dachshund is WONDERFUL!!! Thank you soooooo much for making her...