Friday, September 4, 2009

Half Baked Idea

You are grinning right now aren't you? 
Who can look at Cookie Monster and not crack a smile?
This will be a layout for my BOM (book of me) but it isn't finished; it is just "half baked"!  (cracking myself up here)
I will either use it to record:
1) my best chocolate chip cookie recipe, one of the few things I cook well or
2) my carb addiction tale of woe and why I'm not currently eating any of the delicious cookies I know how to bake or
3) funny stuff I still remember from watching Sesame Street with my girls all those years ago (It's hip to be square).
Did you see it?  Did you see that I used the ornament punch AGAIN?  It is the cookie jar!  Look closer...   you didn't think I could come up with another one, did you?
This one was easy - just punch your ornament then slip it into the small oval punch to "remove" your lid.  If you need the bottom of the jar to show just cut it off straight.
I could tell you how I did the rest of  Cookie Monster but you will either have to figure it out for yourself or learn to start leaving comments telling me you like it and you NEED to make it and yes, Ellen it is worth all the time you spend on this blog because we enjoy it... etc.  Need comments occasionally girls - this is just one big old free sharing blog and I need some positive feedback occasionally as motivation.   My former VC Rocks roomies can't be my only repeat readers.  (Hi Carolyn and Veronica!)
Here is a close up of the title cookies - 1 3/4 circle punch, sponged some chocolate chip ink on the edges, then  I stamped the "chips" with the eraser end of a pencil in Craft chocolate chip ink.  Bake at 350. (kidding)


Sharon Clarke said...

You are too funnY! I love your entry. Very creative! I might be able to figue out how you made cookie monster, but I'd LOVE for you to tell me (or at least help me a little!). I have made his face before, but not the WHOLE thing! Thanks for sharing and making me smile!!!!


Carolyn Sharkas said...

Hey, there, my friend, I love cookie monster, and yes, you need to tell me how to do it, this old feeble brain of mine needs all the help it can get. Oh and by the way, be on the lookout for a big yellow envelope sent out to you today, and have fun with the stuff inside.

Loni said...

Love it Ellen... You can take a nibble out of the cookies too.. I use the scallop oval or he scallop circle depending on the size of the cookie.