Monday, September 21, 2009

Avast ye scallywags...

Notice the unusual copyright info on this photo?  I belong to a yahoo group SUStars (only for demos) and the list mom is a Pirate Freak   (Sorry Shari, there is just no better word)  She loves Capt'n Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and all things pirate. 

Since Saturday was "Talk like a Pirate" Day - Shari challenged us to share things made with all the cool pirate stamps that SU has this year.  (She thought she died and gone to heaven when the catalog came out)

I have none of those stamps so I dressed this peanut candy up for a night of Halloween pillaging and looting.  After I did it, I realized this is a little sick - Candy going Trick or Treating?  Wouldn't that be cannibalism or something?  Come to think of it - his expression does look a little less than enthusiastic about the task at hand...

Oh well, maybe you can still use parts of the idea in some of your projects.

The patch came from the butterfly punch. Since that is my current "craze", I was cutting it into pieces to see if the Inspiration Fairy would stop by and she did. To be honest, that is how this pirate candy fellow came to be. I "saw" the eye-patch then remembered Shari's challenge. Pretty convenient timing, eh?

I thought the sword was rather clever and some of you might have scrapbook pages to use this idea on (Fencing lessons, perhaps?)

For the blade - wide oval punch - then punch it again close to the oval hole to get just a "slice"

For the handle - slot punch - punch around the slot punch hole with your word window - reinsert into the word window so that you are just "surrounding" the slot hole

The other part of the hilt that I have no clue the real name for - the part that protects your hand  -3/4 circle - cut in half

You could use the sword in a title - stamp all your letters but use the sword as an "i" or "l"  or... well you get the idea.

Did you spot the "sunglasses" between the butterfly and the eyepatch? - store that in your memory bank, you might need it someday - maybe a movie star M&M?

For basic candy directions see this post.


Judy said...

OMG!! This might just be my favorite yet!! :)

Loni said...

U are tooooo hilarious... I'm so glad you took my challenge and started your blog... I look forward to your creations and your humor every day. Hugs, L

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Loni is right, I am so glad you started this blog, now we get a chance to connect more often, plus we get the added bonus of your sense of humor and your artwork.

Joyce Spear said...

Wowza! Pure genius!!

Colorado Crafter said...

And to think I never bought that butterfly punch because I didn't like it as a butterfly! LOL!! (I like pretty and or "real" butterflies... not this "cutesy style.) Had I seen your blog when that punch was still available I would have bought it for all these other uses... like your eyes for Halloween as well as these ideas!