Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Splish Splash I was takin' a bath...

OK girls - this is Odd item #4 for the butterfly punch.  We've had blog babes, dog parts, pirate patches, and now I give you .... a Rubber Duck.  There are FOUR uses of the butterfly punch on this little duck.  Her beak is a punch folded in half..

Her webbed feet are a butterfly cut in half.  The whites of her eyes are half a butterfly.  And her hair bow is a butterfly trimmed down.  The bow could easily be made in blue and placed under the bill as a bow tie for a boy or be left off altogether.  (the spots were stamped on with the eraser end of a pencil)

The head is 1 3/4 circle punch - the body, a wide oval - the wings are also wide ovals with a "bit" of oval punched out..

The waves were made by punching a small oval diagonally along a strip of teal.

Bathroom tile courtesy of the 1 1/4 square punch.

Sentiment from Party Hearty - isn't that what you would do if you had a rubber ducky in the tub with you?

If I was making the card again I would have the water extend to the edge of the card. But why would I make this card again? I don't know what I'm going to do with this first one. I can see a young Mom using the duck on a scrapbook page but what will an old gray hair like me do with this card? I have no clue.


Loni said...

I bow down to you o' Goddess of Punches.... cute cute cute.. I could see this duck on baby scrapbook pages of first bath or bathtime... plus it's just darn cute for people that love ducks.

Nancy Dawson said...

I agree with Loni. I have Punch Club once a month and this definitely is going be next month's project. We're expecting a new grandbaby next month and it's perfect. TFS Nancy

Joyce Spear said...

How creative! Now I'm going to have to get that darn butterfly punch, lol! I'm always looking for kid card ideas -- I'm kid-stupid, but still making cards for the kids in the Ronald McDonald Houses. Hey, if you're looking for an excellent use for the card, you could donate it to the RMH cause! Send it to me and I'll be sure it gets there! Just email me at stamperjoyce at aol dot com for deets. Now I'm off to see what other delightful ideas you have here on your blog! The rubber duck is pretty impressive, so I can't wait to see your other ideas!

Amanda Coughlin said...

A "Get Punchy" class with the butterfly punch is now in order! You are an amazing talent and we are blessed to have you share with us! That plucky duck is so stinkin' cute! How do you do it? :o)

Chriserendipity said...

Hi Ellen! You totally amaze me with your "out of the box" creations! I so admire your ability to "see" the possibilites in these punches that are just so darn fitting for what you come up with! ...by the way...you could create this card again with the sentiment "Hope you'll be feelin' just ducky soon!" and send it to someone who's been under the weather. Kudos, kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I love the duck. Then I started scanning back through your blog and found the soapbox post under the Scrapbook page with your picture. Stand behind your soapbox!! Post that picture of yourself at the top of yur blog. The punch lady is cute but not as cute as you!!

Judi Szyndrowski

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Good Morning my friend! When you are looking through your comments, Amanda Coughlin is my upline, I was at her house and said something about my friend and her punches and she said
Ellen Kemper? See, you are getting to be famous!
Anyway, I told them all how to sign up for your blog, so you will be getting lots more visits soon.

I love the little ducky. I will be casing this, cuz she is just too darn cute. Makes me
laugh every time I look at her.

Thanks again for all the inspiration. Hugs

Unknown said...

OHH wow this is cute!

Ellen Kemper said...

Dear Judy (not really Anonymous) - I just did that goofy avatar in honor of all the attention the Blog Babes were getting.

I will be changing it back to my old eyeball picture (blinking) or maybe even taking a new one.

My birthday is next week so I might just celebrate with a NEW PHOTO of me!

Thanks for reading that whole rant - you are a trooper!

JudyM said...

Hi Ellen

Too cute!! After seeing the rubber ducky, I scrolled through the rest of your blog...love it! Those Babes are a hoot and I love the crow!! Thanks for sharing all the instructions! I honestly thought I did not need that butterfly punch...what was I thinking?? LOL!! It's on my next order!


ArtisticInkspirations said...

There she goes again!! The Queen of punching!! What are you going to come up next Ellen!!