Sunday, September 20, 2009

You know your a punch addict when...

...when you are putting away your mess from your last five projects and your black wireless mouse gets put away in the punch drawer(s).  There are too many punches on this desk; I can't keep track of them all.

No! No, I take that back - I could never have too many punches.  I love them all - collectively and individually.  Please little punches, don't get your feelings hurt.  Mama loves you.  You are all special to me!

(Whew..., I'm glad they didn't take offense)

The little precious black darling that I'm playing with now is the Butterfly punch.  The blog babes were my first "odd" creation using it.  And here is Odd #2 using the stamp set D is for Dog.

My hubby travels for business frequently but when he is home it is Golf on Saturday and Run with the Dog on Sunday. Our dog will be slipping this card into the suitcase next trip to let "dad" know he missed his run. My husband thinks cards are a waste of paper and cannot understand the time and money I spend on them - but I think this one will actually make him grin.

Did you see the butterflies? The eyes, obviously.  But you might not have noticed that the nose is half a butterfly and the tongue is actually a piece of one too.

I cut about a 3 inch circle with my Circle Scissor Plus (I always have to look up that name) for his muzzle, punched a wide oval for his head, and two wide ovals for his ears. Don't forget to add a mark with your white gel pen on the eyes and nose - gives him so much more "spark".  If you don't have a white gel pen buy one!  Just that tiny little mark makes such a difference.  The white gel pen that SU sells is great - and only costs $3.95.

Here is another version I started but rejected. This pooch has the butterfly upside down for his eyes - nothing wrong with him - I just liked the other one better.

On either of these dogs you can change the expression by changing where you put the blacks of their eyes or tilting the eyebrows to another angle. Play with it and see what you can do.


Loni said...

You are sending your stuff into SU for contests, right? And you are going to have a CLASS for all these fun uses of punches, right? big hint... Love the doogles!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Good morning, and thanks for being such an enabler, you are gonna make me have to buy that punch, I swear. I am only missing three, why don't you see what you can make with the arrow one and the snowflake and make me buy those, too.
This little dog is so cute. Makes me want to take him out for a run, and you KNOW I can't run, LOL.
WHEN I buy the punch (and I will, soon) I am gonna case him. Thanks for sharing another wonderful punched creation, oh Queen of the Punches.



Judy said...

Very, very clever!! And, to think, the butterfuly punch was one I JUST KNEW I didn't need ... sigh.

Anonymous said...

You amaze me with all the things you can see in those punches! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Germaine Ferrao -Lenn said...

Oh you amaze me! love your punch art work! TFS, Hugs always!

Carey said...

Wonderful doggie. I am sure Roscoe wouldn't want to eat this one. I think this one could be one of his best friends. Thanks for the usual inspiration.

pedstamper at sbc global dot net

Wendy Hawkinson said...

Okay....I'm addicted and can't wait to get out my punches!!!
This is really amazing. You are REALLY creative. I'm so grateful for people w/ talent so that I can CASE. LOL
About the little dog...he has sad eyes using the butterfly upside down...he would be great for kid's get well cards...he's pretty sweet.

Thanks again for sharing..
Wendy Hawkinson