Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Old Crow back on the Soapbox

Thought I'd show the page for my BOM that was created because I had to make another crow the other day to show y'all how. (Oh! The things I suffer for you!)

It seems foreign to make a 12 x 12 page with just one little photo - having the rest be journaling and embellishments - but that is what happens when you don't have many photos of yourself.

This photo only exists because when I started working on my BOM I grabbed my camera and walked around my house one day snapping photos of me - you can tell that is what I did by my arm.

There aren't that many photos of me when I was young because that was looooooong before the digital age and if your family even took the picture, the odds were your eyes were closed or your hair looked stupid or there was a pole behind you that looked like it was growing out of your head. Of course you didn’t know if you had a good or bad photo until weeks (months) later when the roll of film was finally finished and you had it developed.

There aren’t many photos of me now that I’m not young because I don’t like them. I do not, nor have I ever, nor do I ever expect to feel like I am photogenic. And I regret that. Yes, I do regret that I’m not photogenic but what I mean is that I REGRET not letting my husband and others take more pictures of me.

Here comes that silly soapbox again. Huff… puff….groan…creak. Ok, I’m up here…

WE NEED TO BE IN MORE PHOTOS. I know you are 35 (or some other number) pounds overweight. Or you don’t like your nose. Or your chin (or eyelids or rear end) sags. Or your complexion looks like some food besides peaches and cream. Or your hair needs a trim (or a color or a root job). Or you have that scar. Or whatever your own reason is. BUT you still need to be in more photos.

You need photos of you if you are 20, 30, or 40 something because no matter what is “wrong” now – trust me, when you are 50 something, you will look back and realize how beautiful you really were. And if you are 50 plus you have (or soon will) realize things are not likely to get better so you better record it NOW before it gets worse (LOL). Your family will TREASURE photographs of you with all your imperfections. Don’t you want to give them this gift?

And if you don’t let someone take photos – how will you have that “before” picture to go with the stunningly beautiful “after” picture? You know – the one you will take that day when you wake up at your ideal weight, with an amazing complexion on a great hair day?!?

I confess that I am really writing this soapbox speech to myself as well as to anyone reading this. We just returned last month from an anniversary trip and I only let my hubby have the camera once in four days. That is right – I am in ONE photo. Not because he didn’t offer but because I saw how fat I looked in that first photo and didn’t want anymore. This is a stupid vain way to think and I know you are just as guilty of it.

Here is my promise to myself. When someone has a camera and they point it in my direction there will be no dodging and no threatening them with harm. I will just smile! (And raise my eyebrows; I am convinced that helps hide the crow’s feet.)


Carolyn Sharkas said...

OK, I know we haven't met in person, so how did you know all that stuff about me? LOL!

This is a great page, and I really do need to get out that wide angle lens and let the girl take some pix of me.

Thanks for making me laugh today. I needed it.

Anonymous said...

So true...all of it. And thanks for the tip about raising my eye brows! ; )

Anonymous said...

Wow! I felt like you were talking directly to me! I know this is an old post but thanks for the straight talk :) Oh and I thought the raising of the eyebrows was MY little secret!!! LOL! Great minds think alike! I will be sure to TRY and be in more photos. Thank for the advice :)

Judy Garza said...

Best advise I have read lately! Thanks for the reminder...