Friday, September 11, 2009

Holiday 3-D

Jenifer Lange (pronouce the "e") is my very talented up-line. ( For those of you who might not speak "SU", up-line means the demo who I joined the company "under"). She works full-time, does face painting on the side, builds and paints scenery for the local theater group, and does cards for troops and other charity fundraising – in addition to her Stampin’ Up! business, leaving her no time for a blog (a loss for all of us). So I will occasionally be showing you some of  Jenifer's fabulous work – particularly when I get inspired to do something similar.

This is the Big Shot Die Box #2 (might as well put it on your order now) made up normally EXCEPT she didn’t fold on the score line to make the lid. She put two of these boxes back to back and punched a wide oval handle making this darling tote box. Embellished with die Leaves #2 which were sponged and veins embossed with a stylus.

The sentiment stamped on the twill tape is from Teeny Tiny Wishes – don’t you just LOVE IT?

Believe me, I brought all of the pieces home from her house so I could have one of my very own. And I also cut an extra couple of Box #2 so I could create on my own tote. (yes, that die is on MY next order, too) Here is what I did:
You knew it would have punches on it, didn’t you?

Wide Oval – head

½ Circle – nose

Heart to Heart – whites of eyes

Standard hole punch – black in eyes

And the antlers? That is from the die Build a Flower with one of the petals cut off! Sometimes I just amaze myself. I never thought I’d turn a flower into antlers – I thought I’d use the new snowflake punch for reindeer antlers this holiday season but they just weren’t BIG enough this time around.  I think candy will be the filler for this little tote - but not now, I'm watching the carbs and don't need the temptation.


Loni said...

And here I am trying to hold out until December if possible for my next personal Stampin' Up order... I have the Big Shot Dr. Bag and Santa is bringing the Big Shot and goodies to go with it.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Yep, I've been wanting this box for quite some time, thanks for sending me over the edge. Love both of these little tote boxes. the leaves are great for fall, and the reindeer is just adorable.

Wanda said...

Outstanding boxes. And, I was trying not to order anymore SU for a while. Love these@ TFS

Anonymous said...

Love both those little boxes
Lucky for me I have the die so can get making a few of them now

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! What's build a flower?

Ellen Kemper said...

Dear Anonymous - Build a Flower is a die for the Big Shot - it can be found on page 199 of the current Stampin' Up! catalog. #113471 for $19.95 - hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Both boxes are too cute!

Debbie M-R said...

LOVE the reindeer! Excellent work!

ArtisticInkspirations said...

Loved the reindeer Ellen.. hadn't seen the fall box til I searched here. I had to try to reindeer, so posted your link on my blog. Connie in NM. How do you make up all the "critters"!!