Thursday, September 17, 2009

I did NOT kick the dog...

This is it - at long last (you have been waiting on pins and needles for this, right?).... the reveal of my final "other" ornament punch idea.  I have shown you an acorn, a fish, Christmas lights, Middle Eastern architecture, a cookie jar and two ideas from other stampers - a vase and leaves.

I didn't think this idea was ever going to find its way to a card I liked.  I struggled and crumpled and grumbled and threw my tools around on my desk (I did NOT kick the dog).  Then I realized my issue was not with the idea but with the style.  I was attempting to do something serious and any regular reader knows I'm a lot better at silly.  As soon as I changed into "cute" mode the card was a snap. This card really wasn't worth waiting this long for, but I still think you will like it



Does that light your fire?  (groan)  Simple and Easy - perfect for a young kid's birthday!  (Kid as in child not as in goat - surely you don't send cards to livestock!)

And just to prove that I am a team player and not really a rebel, tomorrow you will find me using the ornament punch as (GASP!) an ornament!

At least that is the plan.


Carolyn Sharkas said...

I love it! And I'm glad you didn't kick the dog, poor little thing, it's enough it has to share your stampin' space with you. This is definitely cute! Oh and congrats are in order to you for winning the Big Shot Challenge on LNS this week.


Nicole Smith said...

I LOVE IT! And your new "picture" is perfect!!!

Carey said...

This is absolutely great. Who says I don't send cards to livestock? LOL I do live in a rural area and have pigs, horses, cows, some goats, Roscoes, ducks and geese all around me. Now I'm getting punchy. I love your idea and can't wait to CASE it. Thanks as always for the inspiration.

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