Sunday, September 6, 2009

Prize Report and Monster Tips

Woo Hoo I love PRIZES!    Each summer I participate in a ROCKIN' yahoo group that is a virtual convention for those of us (SU demos) that are unable to attend the real thing.  Actually, we have so much fun that a lot of ladies go to the real deal AND come play with us. And you don't have to be a demo to join our group - you just have to LOVE Stampin' Up!   We have classes, swaps, RAKS, contests, challenges, games, a virtual hotel (where I am two sizes smaller and 6 inches taller) and load and loads of silly fun.

You get points for teaching classes, hostessing swaps, joining swaps, etc.  This year I won the prize for Most Active Rocker, somehow sneaking past the awesome Loni Holt who did something like 34 swaps!  My victory secret was teaching a lot of classes and managing one of the Hotel Floors.

The point of all this?  I want to show you part of my PRIZE.  Kimm Bennington Thompson, list mom, created this awesome frame and sent it to ME!   It is on the sofa table behind my love seat - first thing you see when you walk in the room.  I just LOVE IT!!!!!
Here is a close up of all her work.  How does she do this?  Well she just oozes talent that's what she does....
And that isn't all - see this box?  It is full of craft stuff and handmade cards and all kinds of awesome goodies just for me!  I am so overwhelmed and there is still some SU product on its way to me.
Thank you so very much Kimm!  And thanks to ALL the VC_Rockers that made my summer so fun!
Seeing as how I am in such a great mood I will give YOU a prize and give you the hints to make the cookie monster from Friday's post.  
Lots of people make Cookie Monster's face with the scallop circle punch and 1/2 inch  circle for his eyes but I hadn't seen anyone do his body.  I used the scallop circle from the Circles Scallop #2 Big Shot Die - so that is easy.  What you might need a tip for is his HANDS.  Punch a Scallop Square - then slip it into the large oval punch so that he just had four fingers - looks like this...
Here it is after the punch:
Now just punch a second one - turn it over and you have his other hand to hold the cookie jar. I have not conquered his legs and feet yet - so my tip is to hide him behind something - in this case behind a frame from the Circle Scallop Die - I made sure his arm was out over the frame on one side to give the whole thing more depth.  He could be hiding behind a picture or anything else your imagination (and fingers) can create!


Carolyn Sharkas said...

Wow! Lots of goodies in that box, and the frame is so beautiful, Kimm ROCKS!!! She did give us a sneak peek of the apple card, so I knew you were getting that. So proud of you,
ex VC roomie and friend. You definitely ROCK, too.
Have fun playing with all your new goodies and thanks so much for sharing your hints for cookie monster.

Loni said...

I gave you a heck of a run for your money even though you did have a head start on me... next year we'll be even on that score since I'm the Rookie Moderator... gee, is there a prize for Rookie of the Year? Ok, so I've been corrupted by Ellen.

Carey said...

It rocks to have a Kimm original doesn't it? I have one too and am looking for the perfect frame for it. Thanks for the hints on the cookie monster. I am loving your blog. TFS and the inspiration.

pedstamper at sbcglobal dot net