Saturday, September 26, 2009

Politics with Punch

I showed you a punched elephant yesterday - and if you are an avid Republican you can use him on a BOM page for the Grand Old Party

But this blog is non-political so I need to give the Democratic symbol equal time, don't I? 

Yes, you got it... I created a donkey from punches. 

Is that a hoot or what?  He makes me grin even more than the elephant did!   So what can you use him for? 
  • A BOM Democrat page or
  • A donkey as in "pin the tail on" for a kids party layout
  • An "I'm sorry I was such an ____" card
  • A scrapbook page about your ex boyfriend/husband - oh no, that's right, you already tore up all his pictures.

Just like the elephant, you can add or change eyebrows (slot punch) to change his expression. 

I don't like to share just the punch item without showing you a completed project but I ran out of time.  As soon as I complete a couple of commitments, I'll finish up my project for him and show you the results.


Whimcees said...

You are GOOD at this!

As a fan of punched characters, I salute your talent!

Thank you for your generosity in sharing these wonderful creations!

Barbara Diane

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Hey! I see your are back as your avatar! And not just an eyeball this time, lol. I just glanced in at todays wonderful project and ran back out to
email a friend and tell her to come look. She has
a donkey that she actually dresses, and the donkey likes it, lol. Too funny. Great donkey! I'm trying to be politically correct, and call it
a donkey, but love the idea of the I'm sorry card.
Hope your weekend is going well, have a great Sunday.

Carey said...

Your picture is up!! What a darling you are. I have to make these for some friends. They raise jumping mules (ok, don't mules and donkeys look the same just about) and this would be adorable for them. Hey I live in the country now from southern CA. Raising jumping mules is a normal thing around here. Can you say yee haw? Love your work and you.

pedstamper at sbc global dot net

Hetty said...

Ah, I love your donkey, he is just to cute. I love it how all the punches come together. Well done.