Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sailing away from Santa - filling a request

This blog has been consumed with Santa stuff for a couple of weeks so for today I am putting holiday stuff on hold and passing on info and filling a request.

INFO:  Way back in the early days of the blog I linked you to a puncher named Jill S when I copied her M&M idea but didn't have enough info to fully give her credit.  Now, I do!  She is Jill Shover and she is still creating.  She doesn't blog but she has updated her punch creations recently so go check out this link  Jill's fabulous stuff .  Each entry has more than one page so check it all out!

REQUEST: One of my VC_Rocks buddies, Brandy, emailed me requesting a "decent sailboat".  Well, I don't know if this boat is "decent" but I'm pretty sure it isn't indecent!

Can you believe this is from the Wide Oval punch and about three snips with scissors?  Well, it is! (with one thin black strip from the trimmer)  I honestly didn't know I could create something will less than 3 punches!

So Brandy - here  is a pictorial tutorial just for you, although we will let these other ladies see it too.  It is just  photos of the sail on scrap paper but I think it is all the help you will need.  Don't make Gail keep reminding you about my blog - I expect you to read regularly now! 

All WIDE OVAL punching here: 
1/2 an oval

match the top "corner" of the hole to the edge of the punch - push in "kinda diagonally"

This is what you get

Punch a "piece" of oval off the bottom

This shows all the punches you have made:

Now punch one more oval piece jutting top left from the "hole" you already have

take your scissors and trim down from the "corners"

You will toss the bits on the top right in the next  photo and place your "sails" as shown here

The rest of the boat should be easy to figure out!


Carolyn Sharkas said...

Great sailboat, Clem! Actually very realistic. Brandy will be so happy, and Gail, too. Cuz everytime we get together at meetings, we talk about your blog, lol. Only good things, if your ears are burning on or about the 2nd or 3rd Monday night of the month..........


Brandy said...

I do love it, thanks so much! If nothing else I can now make my friend a very nice card for her with a sailboat's way too close to Christmas to make a whole stack!

Linda Callahan said...

You are amazing......

Sharon Field / Inky A*Muse-ment said...

You will toss the bits on the top right in the next photo and place your "sails" as shown here....
when I saw that photo, I saw a bunny, and thought you were taking a new twist on the boat thing! Ha! Love following your blog, wish you were attending Leadership!