Friday, December 4, 2009

This Angel is Wicked Underneath

When I did the mouse bride last month, I mentioned that her veil reminded me of a halo.  Well, it has taken awhile but I finally got around to trying to make an angel.

First I made this head and put it on a blog babe/ wicked  style body with no feet and full heart wings. 

As you can see, that looked a little inappropriate for an 'angel', so I covered up her 'girls' with two scallop oval punches giving her the choir girl look.  Add a red ribbon and ta-dah!  So Angelic!

Can't you almost hear her singing carols?


Carolyn Sharkas said...

I like the first one the best, lol. A fallen angel, or even a fairy or pixie. Too cute. Guess you would have to take the halo off, though. I lost mine long ago.


Oh, hey, I am sitting here in my office FREEZING! AND it's raining.
We will have to count this as one of our very few days of winter, about 6 more left for the season after this one, lol.

Ellen Kemper said...

We will be at a high school football game tonight - it will be in the 20s. brrrrrrrr

But at least the snow they were predicting went south - to Houston where no one even owns a heavy coat!