Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snowman by the Light of the Moon

Ever wonder what snowmen do to keep from being bored at night?  Well. if there is enough moonlight, they might look like this:

I realized that I had a couple of snowman posts this week so I thought I'd just make a series of them so this must be Number 3.   Pretty easy punching except the holly leaves. 

To get the holly I actually drew a holly leaf then pushed a circle punch into my paper just far enough to snip on the lines - of course I had to flip it over and use the back side so you couldn't see where I missed  and the pencil marks showed.  So it isn't an exact science but it works!

This snowman with his nose is a book (literally) goes on a gift tag as a hint to what the gift is.  It will be no surprise, we are all big readers in our family and come from reading families so lots of books have been given over the years at Christmas.  Just a little ribbon, the top note die and some dimensionals - and I'm done!

Chatter about punches now:
Thanks to those of you that participated in my silly poll this past week.  I feel so powerful knowing that I got 42 of you to purchase a punch!  bwaaaa haaa haaa  (evil laugh)

Now I need you two shy people to step on up and email me your requests.  I have several ahead of you that are waiting on the inspiration fairy to do her thing but you might as well ask in case she shows up with what you need.

And I got my first three punches in the new SU (EK Success) style.  I like them!  Of course even though they will stack nicely, I have NO ROOM for them so a punch reorganization is required.  Lots of potential in these babies.....   You can buy them starting January 5th. 

But dang I am going to miss the ornament punch!   I sure hope it winds up on some dormant list so you can still buy it during "off ornament" season.  Don't the powerful of SU read my blog?  Don't they know the versatility of  that punch?  DON'T TAKE IT FROM ME.  Oh, that is right, I bought it - they can't take it from me.  Have you bought yours?  January 4th is the last day of the Holiday Mini - and the last day to purchase it (that I know of).  Contact me or your demo - it may soon be gone forever...... OH NO!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Pretty please can we have a sneaky peek of these new punches?

I for one who was inspired to buy the ornament punch after your pointed chin series. Loving this punch. Left to my own devices i doubt i would have purchased it.


Ps I am liking the latest member of frosty's family

lifesabeach32940 said...

This snowman is adorable!! How do you think this stuff up? Geesh, I would NEVER have combined a snowman and a book. LOL I'm glad you did, 'cause I'm going to try to figure out how to include him on a bookmark. How perfect would that be? :)

Carolyn Sharkas said...

I think he needs some reading glasses, after all, reading by moonlight is very hard on your eyes.
He is adorable. What books are on YOUR wish list this year?


wanda in nc said...

ellen, can you help me out of the punches for this - like how did you punch out the book; the eye lids, and what size for his body/head, etc.? i'd love to make one for someone, if you don't mind. thanks,