Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Girl

The Inspiration Fairy and I decided that we needed a Winter Girl since we did a boy yesterday.  Shirt and Jacket and Face are very similar - don't you just love the puffy jackets? 

Her skirt is the scallop square punch trimmed from the middle of the corner scallops. 

The hair is the scallop oval.  (actually, several of them)

The tights are the word window - stamped with the new solid stripe stamp (available Jan 5).   You might remember that is the same stamp I used to make the boy's plaid jacket.  I think this is going to be a squatter stamp.  A squatter stamp is the one that takes up residence on your desk and never gets put away.   My recommendation?  Put this stamp on your first order of the new year.  It isn't very expensive and I am going to MAKE you NEED it before we are all said and done.

The background of the Winter Girl Tag is the new Dot,Dot,Dot stamp - I think you might need it too so just go ahead and order it with the striped one.

Let's look at the Winter Kids together.  Wouldn't they be cute off the tags and on a scrapbook page?

P.S. Time is running out to order your ornament punch to make these faces!!!!  Don't think unavailability will make me quit using it!  If you don't like what I've made so far, I will keep going until you just can't stand it.  But then, you might not be able to find one.  Get your ornament punch before Jan. 4th when the mini catalog ends.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,

I see you have changed your profile picture to show off your fab new glasses...

I love winter girl...and thanks to you and your inspiration fairy i just had to order me an ornament punch...and as it has now arrived safe and sound I am one happy girl :)


Gaby said...

Hello Ellen,

your winter couple turned out really great.

Oh, and I love your new profil picture.

Have a great week.

Robbe said...

The winter boy and girl are really cute. They are for sure going onto my kids scrapbook pages! Thanks yet for sharing.
Love your new glasses btw!
Have a great week Ellen.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

What a sweet couple, where's their little snow baby? Love all these tags you are making with these little characters, could use them on scrapbook pages, cards, or packages. thanks for sharing.


Jeannie said...

I love your little people! So adorable!! I especially love the striped socks!

Loni said...

The girl looks like the one from Frosty the Snowman... and gee, Ellen, you forgot the dirt and grass that is rolled up with our poor little snowmen here in the metroplex ;)