Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santa Series Number 13 - The Anti-Santa (Grinch Tutorial)

I think I am done with the Santa Series but since I have no control of the Inspiration Fairy, I guess a number 14 could show up one day...

This tutorial was a challenge because
1) I couldn't find my previous Grinch, so I'm working from the photo on the blog and,
2) when I'm creating I often just grab some leftover scrap from my messy paper strewn desk and don't always remember what combination of punches it came from and,
3) I have slept many nights since I made the Grinch so all memory is gone.

But while the "new" Grinch isn't EXACTLY like the old one - it is very close.  The eyebrows and dark green parts are slightly different.  I think both must have been cut by hand in the first version (don't laugh at my bad memory - I created the Grinch on a whim as a joke and had NO IDEA so many of you would want to make one)

From your lighter green:
two large ovals
one 1.25 inch circle
two small ovals
three oval rings**
one 5 petal flower
one word window

From darker green
one small oval
one word window (or similar size scrap)

From pale yellow
one small heart from heart to heart

from red
two standard hole punches

small word windowish size scrap of any color

** to make an oval ring-----> punch the small oval, toss the oval, keep the hole, punch the large oval around the hole giving you a thin oval shaped ring

Cut as shown below

Attach small oval to scrap (as handle) reinsert into small oval punch to make it just a little bit smaller

The pieces shown here are what you will use to form your basic Grinch:

He is taking form

Finishing Touches:

make cuts into dark green pieces using scissors (like making grass)
sponge edges of light green pieces if you want

punch from black
  • slot punch (just a tip)
  • heart to heart eyebrows like clown - trim down to desired size (see photo below)
punch from red
  • punch small oval - keep the hole
  • punch a large oval to the "side" of the hole (see photo below)

punch from white
  • 1/2 inch circle
  • square scallop punch re-punch edge to get rick rack type edge

toss the small oval and the leftover scallop square piece - you may have to trim (shorten) your rick rack piece to fit your hat


lifesabeach32940 said...

LOL!! He is AWESOME!! What a GREAT tutorial, Ellen!! Thank you!!

Carey said...

What a great tutorial. You can really tell you are a teacher. You are so patient with those of us that are rather slow, (not any of you other readers just me I promise.) You do a good job with your pics. I always love looking at your ideas.

aka Roscoe's mommy

jody bettin said...

Wow! You went above and beyond. Thank you so much. I love this little fellow and can't wait to crank some out. Thanks for all your hard work and I hope the inspiration fairy stays in your neck of the woods for a looong time. =)

Amy Watson said...

This is FANTASTIC! He looks just like the real Grinch. GREAT job!! :)

Anonymous said...

haha he is fantastic...thank you for your effort!

Anonymous said...

wow thanks for the tutorial...just wondering did I miss a Santa 13?

Ellen Kemper said...

No you didn't miss 13 - since the Grinch is holding a Santa Hat, I counted him as unlucky number 13 Santa (Guess that is cheating and I owe you one!)

Anonymous said...

I guess it would have helped if I read the title of this blog post more closely...still I think unlucky santa number 13 works AKA the grinch for me :)

Anonymous said...

Re your inquiring (or is it enquiring!)minds sideline...can you punch and stop by for a laugh too? Regardless of if you own stamps or not...I love punch art and I think you are one of the please please please don't stop posting your punch creations

ct said...

How wonderful! Thank you for all of your art and your willingness to share! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

I love the Grinch! Thank you so much for the tutorial. As others have commented, I also truly appreciate you sharing yoru talent with us! Thank You!

Anonymous said...

great tutorial for Grinch. Keep up good work. Thanks for sharing. You are very good teacher.

Debbie (in Canada) said...

I have really enjoyed all your punch art and have done a few for myself. I love my punches and find myself using them more and more each day! Please keep all your wonderful ideas coming.