Thursday, July 29, 2010

A CLUE about what I've been doing

I have been posting detectives and spies but no one has even asked for a CLUE about my new profile picture.  I thought FOR SURE someone would ask.

Guess I'll just have to tell you.

Hubby and I got to be the last minute stand-ins for a trip to a ranch in Wyoming.  That's right.  Me, city girl, went where they have horses, and fishing, and hiking, and antelope, and wolves and bears, oh my!

That is KC and Me.  And that big old can hanging on my belt is BEAR REPELLANT - didn't even know that existed but we weren't allowed to leave the yard of the ranch without it. 

Do I look natural in this environment?  Ha, the hat is from the Dallas Zoo when I need shade and the boots are my every day attire since they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned - and I live close enough to Fort Worth Texas (Cow-Town) that it isn't too strange for daily wear around here (although people do make occasional comments).

Had an absolute BLAST.  And while I caught no fish, I had a ball playing at it, in the river, with my waders that were 2 sizes too big - (profile pic)

I'm waiting to get the photos one of the other ladies took before I scrapbook the whole thing.

I will confess the best part for me was sitting around the fire pit each night - in a JACKET in JULY - sipping red wine on a full belly  (when someone else cooked the food and someone else built the fire) KNOWING it was near 100 back in North Texas.  I'm kinda mean that way.

Sorry for the no punch post - but obviously I lost some desk time while I was off in the great outdoors and I will now try to play catch-up.


Susie McCormick said...

Sounds like so much fun! Glad you enjoyed it!

slbt17 said...

sounds like you are having fun .... good for you! Enjoy!

Margie said...

That would be so much fun. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in the great outdoors.

Mary Marsh said...

sounds like a lot of fun-bear repellant that would sort of scare me (lol)!!!

Anonymous said...

when I opened up your blog and saw the profile pictures, I wondered what on earth!! too fun - camping in the great outdoors! good for you! love the stories as much as your creativity!
carla starry

Lorraine said...

Good for you! What a great experience.

Lori Aitken said...

I'm green with envy! I'm a city girl myself but I long for a ranch vacation. Brushing horses, cooking over an open fire, dropping into a dead sleep every night from all of the fresh would be FABULOUS!

Take your time getting back to punching. That kind of trip deserves savouring.

Laura Lipe, Pisgah Forest, NC said...

Today is the first day I have visited your blog in a bit, and I noticed the new picture of the waders right off. Looks like you had a ball. I could go for the campfire, wine, and someone else cooking routine!! Welcome back. Can't wait to see your new punch art with the owl punch. I haven't opened mine, but will get to it nexgt week. Smiles, Laura

Carolyn Sharkas said...

I noticed the boots, and knew where you were, lol. I am so glad you got to go enjoy that little mini vacation, the bear repellant is a little scary, though. You look good in your boots, jeans and cowboy hat. I would just assume since you live in the great state of Texas that that would be normal attire, lol. So glad you had a great time and glad you are home safe.