Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Adhesive Answers and Tease

I have received 3 emails this week asking what adhesives to use for punch art.  I have already responded to these sweet ladies but I'm guessing that there might be more of you out there that are wondering but haven't asked the question.

I use Stampin' Up!'s MINI GLUE DOTS for 99% of my punch art.

I love those rascals and buy a dozen boxes at a time.  And when I get down to the last four boxes I place an order because I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THEM. 

OK, maybe I could still breath and my heart would still beat, but I'd be a very unhappy puncher.

If something is too narrow for the mini glue dot - I just take my stubby little finger and roll the dot up to a narrow wad of adhesive.  I'm tellin' ya - this works for most things.

When I get really detailed and have a tiny piece (maybe an earring or belt loop) I will bring out my glue pen.

I throw my punch characters in a box (don't worry, they party happily in there) or leave them piled on my desk for weeks at a time - They are treated roughly and they stay put together.  Glue Dots are WONDERFUL and I think you should place an order today.  (With me, if you'd like.)

And the tease is.... Stampin' Up! is bringing out even MORE new punches.  YES!  It is true!! 

I took a peek at the new Holiday Mini Catalog (coming in September) and saw new punches.  PLURAL!!!!!! 

Not a new punch - new PUNCHES.  Isn't that AWESOME? 

We just got new punches with the new big catalog and now we will be getting more...

Think hubby will add a room onto the house for me?


Patricia Gessner said...

Ellen, I think he just might be willing to do that for you. I'm sure he is just as awed by your talents as the rest of us are. I will start using mini glue dots for certain. Thanks for the tip.

Cape Craft Crazy said...

Thanks for the glue dot tip. I use sticky strip as I tend to 'overglue' everything. Totally excited about the new SU punches and am also wondering where to put them ! Think I will have to do some creative housekeeping to toss out the non essential things in my life, like spare linen & towels !

Carolyn Sharkas said...

I think he should! After all you are famous, and should have your own "studio" to work in.


Anonymous said...

I also LOVE the glue dots, am not ever without them OK I only need one box at a time but do always make sure there is a spare in the drawer. good luck with the room LOL