Monday, July 12, 2010

U are on My Mind

This weeks challenge on VC Rocks is to create a punch art animal or bird.


Did anyone think I'd skip this challenge?

 I didn't think so!

Plenty of punched penguins out there - I have even done a dancing one before - but this is what the Inspiration Fairy sent me, so this is what you get.

White face is butterfly punch repunched with small oval (all this just to get that little indent above his eyes) - draw eyes
White belly is 1 3/8 inch circle - add sponging for shadow
Black head - large oval
Black wings - small ovals
Feet  - scallop square repunched with 3/4 inch circle
Beak - small oval - repunched one end with a circle for part nearest his face (draw a line and outline in black)

For "ice burgs" - large ovals - draw on crooked line - crookedly trim bottom - draw lines to connect - sponge slightly

For "U" - 3/4 inch square - rounded corners by poking in the middle of a 1/2 inch circle (couldn't hold onto it and get it in the normal corner rounder) - Stamped with U from Just Perfect Alpha -  finish off like the "ice burgs"

This was inspired by some clipart I saw - with the sentiment "You are on my Mind" but their penquin had an octopus on his head.   Feel free to try that - but the ice cube is much easier!


Ruby said...

I love him, and love the 'ice burgs' and the ice cube on his head. Love that butterfly punch! Tks for sharing, you got me thinking of Christmas cards and getting started on mine for this year.

Created by Kath said...

Love Him!